Friday, August 29, 2008

Are You Part of MAC's Cult of Cherry?


(images via Mac Cosmetics)

When it comes to clothing or accessories I am not afraid of a little color but when it comes to my face over-the-top colors are like Superman and kryptonite they just aren't meant for one another.

My makeup collection is comprised largely of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier's subtle girl palettes so I can't explain why I'm oddly attracted to MAC's shots of black, red, and chartreuse shades from Fall's Cult of Cherry Collection.

Maybe it's the Goth girl in me, or my sudden fixation on candy colors, but I might take the plunge this weekend. Anyone with me? If you've tried any of these looks please do chime in, I want to hear (or better yet SEE) your opinions!


Find these temptingly delicious palettes at MAC


Joana do Açúcar said...

Hi there!!
Well make up... it is my "thing"...i mean...i love it, i read all about the tricks, to make a perfect eye line, etc... I confess I'm a little obsessed :/
I just find make up an excellent way to improve our why don't use it...or abuse it sometimes (when the occasion allows it to do).
This fall/winter the tendency is like... a rainbow. But of course you should find you own style so that you don't look like one!!
My taught is that, you can use colors...but choose one or two to define the "YOU"...some you identify yourself you know what i mean?
Dark colors like black, dark violet, brown, dark blue goes well in every situation and in every part of the day or ocasion...besides they're always in fashion.
I do not know you...don't know what you look like...but try to give it some color ;)
I do give "me" some color...discrete but there!

Wendiva said...

i soooo would take the plunge on these colors, drk angels man...that's the way to go :)

fashion herald said...

i totally get this, what lovely palettes. I'm with you, i stay away from a lot of big colors. But these are interesting, strong colors but in really earthy tones. I'm so getting the one with that blue - kicks ass.

Songy said...

Love all the colours.

I didn't know that you were in Melbourne. :) I love that place.

Anna Pope said...

I love bright make-up so I am def going to be trying the last green/yellow one!

Always In Style said...

Hi Songy - I'm actually in NYC :-)

La Femme Chic said...

I love the reds and the blacl! The 2nd one is my favorite

Siljesfashion said...

Love MAC! I use mostly lights and browns, but blue and pinks and gold are also making the cut. Love the nr3 palette!

Danz said...

Strong eyes and, definitely not for everyday wear! Well, not for me anyway. I like the 2nd and 3rd palettes.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Its all very dramatic, but I've always been partial to green around the eyes, it looks mystical.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

over the years i've become more and more of a MAC customer. it started out with just their lipstick, and now almost all of my make-up comes from them...and i'm pleased.
what's great about their new eyeshadow is that it's not as powdery (and potentially messy) as their original powders. therefore, not as much residue falls on your cheeks when applying it.
the new color quads are great, plus i love when they combine complimentary colors like this.