Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Trends Report: Cameo Appearance

A quick scan of jewelry trends for Fall has us feeling like we’re peeking into Granny’s jewelry box – cameos are big news. The perfect complement to this season’s vintage- and Goth-inspired looks, they’re available in myriad forms so you’re sure to find one that tickles your fancy and reflects your personal style.

Cameos were first created in the early 1800s by artisans who carved figures in shell, agate, or onyx. Since no gemstones were used cameos were considered appropriate “day” jewelry and popular with stylish ladies of the time – Queen Victoria and Catherine the Great were among the many admirers and collectors. Interestingly, they came into popularity just as new archeological discoveries were being made in Italy and Egypt, so classical images from ancient times became all the rage.

Contemporary interpretations include cartoon figures and animals, and are fashioned in non-traditional colors like neon to really keep the look modern. If the idea feels a little antiquated to you but you like old classics, look for clothing and tote bags that feature the image with funky new twists.

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WendyB said...

I've been meaning to do an interesting cameo for a long time, but the right design hasn't hit me yet. I want something nontraditional.