Monday, August 18, 2008

White After Labor Day?


The New York Times' Bill Cunningham brought up an interesting question: are we still adhering to the "no white after Labor Day" rule? (And just who came up with this rule anyway?!)

Check out his latest slide show here to see some stylish New Yorkers and to hear his commentary.

Do tell, are you a "rules" girl or a rebel?


WendyB said...

Last year I wore a white pantsuit the very day after Labor Day. LOL. I'm such a rule breaker.

Jessica said...

i agree they look very Marni-ish, but i'm not sure.
I've never heard of this rule...and what's Labor day ahah !
...and no. I'm not kidding ! :O

Always In Style said...

LOL Jessica -- Labor Day is an American holiday: The holiday originated in 1882 as the Central Labor Union (of New York City) sought to create "a day off for the working man". (from Wikipedia)

It also tends to signify the end of the old rule was that you stop wearing summer clothing, including white after this date because it would be considered "tacky" or inappropriate.

Jessica said...

Ohhh ! *lightly blushing* :D
Hmm. I think i would still wear white after this day. I think white is a classic !

stephanie said...

those rules are ridiculous... i never went by them

Anonymous said...

goodness, had no idea there was such as thing as 'packing away the whites', I always thought white was a works-for-all-seasons color.

CoutureCarrie said...

rebel all the way!!


TiKeDi said...

i am definitely a rebel
i do not follow rules
i mean the way one dress is a self expression..and if you were to follow would look like everyone else

Skye said...

Definitely fall on the rebel end of the spectrum. We don't really have a Labor Day rule here in Australia, since our seasons just aren't as clear cut and easily bookended.

Richel said...

I'm a rebel :). I really like white and I've never paid attention to the labor day rule anyway.

Joana do Açúcar said...

Interesting how things work in NY!
Here in Portugal (my country) people dress in various colors, especialy at summer time!
You barely see people in white.
But black shows itself at night...I mean, discos, bars, dinners, you know.
I look forward to visit NY!! It will be this September!!

Nice blog by the way!


Renaissance Woman said...

You must have been in my head this morning. I decided to wear a pair of white pants today because I'm sure if I can wear them again any time soon. What is the rule? I never know. But I think if you match with a dark color like black it's okay...maybe?

Annie said...

Screw the rules! Who made them up, anyway... :)

Tia said...

What? Why? =P
Who always follows rules in fashion anyway!? =D

Emmysmomo said...

I always thought it was just that one couldn't wear white shoes after Labor day or before Easter.

I'm a dork and follow the rules!

Anonymous said...

I NEVER wear white after Labor Day. I was brought up that it was not the thing to do. Also, I do not wear white until Easter. White shoes make your feet look large and who want that!? Also, I believe you should not wear shoes lighter than your hemline -- to stand outish. Just me and my quirks. But my mother said.... and I do.

Anonymous said...

The rule for no white after labor day had to do more with the climate & heating elements and staying warm back when labor day was ruled a holiday.

Because it signified the end of summer and beginning of fall it was more of a rule of thumb to put away the clothes that reflected the sun, and bring out the warmer darker colors that absorbed the sun, thus to stay warmer when it was the fall & winter seasons.

It had very little to do with whether it was fashionable and more to do with staying warm! haha.

J.P said...

It is not proper to wear summer shite after laborday, that includes acessories. It is perfectly acceptable to wear winter white. The "rule" is as follows. You may wear winter white from labor day to memorail day and summer white memorial day to labor day. i think this only applies if you are very rich and hang in the Hamptons.