Friday, August 29, 2008

Are You Part of MAC's Cult of Cherry?


(images via Mac Cosmetics)

When it comes to clothing or accessories I am not afraid of a little color but when it comes to my face over-the-top colors are like Superman and kryptonite they just aren't meant for one another.

My makeup collection is comprised largely of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier's subtle girl palettes so I can't explain why I'm oddly attracted to MAC's shots of black, red, and chartreuse shades from Fall's Cult of Cherry Collection.

Maybe it's the Goth girl in me, or my sudden fixation on candy colors, but I might take the plunge this weekend. Anyone with me? If you've tried any of these looks please do chime in, I want to hear (or better yet SEE) your opinions!


Find these temptingly delicious palettes at MAC

Bits & Bobs, The Bebob Wallet from Betsey Johnson


Remember how I was lamenting about finding something to hold all of my bits and bobs that didn’t scream status but instead was a little wacky just like yours truly?

In keeping with my ‘candy girl’ theme I present this confection, the appropriately named “Bebob,” from Betsey Johnson.

Get it at Nordstrom.

I Want Candy!

I am going to have to thank my latest craving to our lovely reader Annie Spandex.

Annie scoped out these yummy finds on Etsy from a seller who goes by the name stoopidgerl I'm not sure if that's a reference to the totally awesome Pink! but I am loving everything this seller has to offer just the same.

These have my name written all over them:

Or, if you prefer your sweets straight up there's always:

Just looking down and seeing that sweet li'l ice cream sundae resting on my finger would make me smile...I can really see it coming in handy when I'm on line at the post office, in a crowded subway, or waiting for my husband to take out the trash.

Ah...serenity now...get yours here!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Too Cute Floral Flutter Dress On eBay Right Now!


Because summer ain't over yet ladies...check out this sweet li'l dress I found on eBay. I love the soft muted plum shades and flowyness of the skirt and sleeves. Wear it now as is and pair it with charcoal tights, a long cardi, and slouchy boots for Fall.

Don't be a square...head on over to Tinroof Vintage before it's too late!

Shop Smart: Tory Burch & Marc Jacobs On Sale Now.

It's no secret I heart Shop It To Me, I am a Trendsetter after all.

Here are a couple of deals that really revved my engine this morning:


A Tory Burch tunic takes "sporty casual" totally glam. I adore the few TRB tunics I have in my collection -- I always feel pulled together and never fail to get bombarded with compliments. I'm not sure if it's because they're pretty or because I feel so good in them, but a compliment is a compliment regardless!

Get these beauties on sale at Bloomies before they're gone.


Cocktail rings will be big these Fall and I just love these funky versions from Marc Jacobs. Find them both at Nordstrom.

New York Street Beat: Teenage Waist Land

Though the high-waisted trend has been going strong since last year it’s hard to find many examples of the right way to wear them.

Pants or shorts are too often overly embellished with buttons or seams, and worn with fussy tops, and busy accessories. The overall effect is messy or worse, frumpy.

Not so with Jami, seen here in Chelsea. We love the dark rinse and tiny belt which has a slimming effect, while the handkerchief detail on her cami frames her face and keeps the whole Bodyline sleek and interesting.

She jazzes things up a bit with her gladiator sandals, bag, and head scarf for a winning combination.

(photo courtesy of Refinery29

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Want I Would Buy Right Now If I Were Rich.

I can totally appreciate the over-the-top fabulosity that Versace has brought to the world fashion - I really do. But most of Donatella's creations are a wee bit too fabulous for li'l ol' me. (I just edited what I really want to say - but some folks will get what I mean, nudge nudge wink wink)

Imagine my surprise upon seeing this low key number.

So elegant and understated. If I had some Gossip Girl style soiree to attend, and about $4000 burning a hole in my pocket I would so buy it.

Not-so-cash-strapped gals can buy it at Bergdorf Goodman.

Ay Carumba - The Sales Won't Stop!

We’re heading into the popular Labor Day Weekend and predictably my inbox is being flooded with email after email announcing all of the latest deals. For our lovely international readers click this link to find out just what the heck Labor Day means.

As is customary in the US the holiday is yet one more opportunity to drop your hard earned dough. Personally, I’d rather find a hot deal on a new refrigerator (if anyone finds a coupon code or amazing sale please do share) but since this is a style and beauty blog I offer the following:

From Urban Decay:


Enter code FFL30 for 30% off ALL (valid until tomorrow) plus: spend over $75 and get FREE shipping.

From Couture Candy:


Denim of Virtue’s oh-so-sexy jeans in a variety of cuts and colors is 30% off – enter code VIRTUE.


HurryShopBop’s deals end tonight!

Remember those great Frye boots I mentioned late last week?


Well – you can get them, plus much more, at for 15% off until August 31st with coupon code: BTS08

I’ll keep posting stuff as I come across fresh sales. Have fun ladies!

Here's Your Chance To Win $500 Worth Of Hayden-Harnett


The folks over at HH have really outdone themselves this season. Take a look at my personal fave from their Fall 2008 collection, the Gemma Tote:


What are you waiting for...visit their site now to register to win $500 worth of leather goodness.

CUSP Is Giving Away Free Goodies - Look!


Remember when I told you about Neiman Marcus' chic little sister CUSP? Well good news! If you shop today through September 2nd, and spend $400 you'll receive this organic tote chock full of goodies. I've taken advantage of one of these promotions through NM and lemme tell you, those goodies are quite tasty.

I think this is the universe's way of telling me that L.A.M.B. bag is going to be mine. What will you buy? Check out the goods here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Skinny Belt, Even If You're Not


I've always loved the look of a skinny belt with jeans or trousers. Tuck a button down shirt or slim fitting cardi in 'em and it's a no fail winner. But unfortunately for me, it's hard finding a skinny belt that doesn't make me feel, well...fat.

Until now.

This weekend I hit up the J. Crew in Columbus Circle which, coincidentally, is already filled with cashmere and corduroy as far as the eye can see. They're also offering a nice selection of Fall bags and belts...and...I finally met my dream skinny belt and just had to share:


It's super flattering and has a nice sort of rounded shape which is hard to explain here but trust me it works. I bought it in gold but it's available in loads of great colors including a fab peacock teal patent, mustard, and metallic pewter (shown here) which I suspect will find their way into my wardrobe fairly soon.

At $35 it's a bargain by J. Crew standards, but a pretty decent price regardless given the mileage you'll get out of it.

Find them here.

On a side note, I've heard horror stories (and experienced my own unfortunate snafu) involving their online ordering these past couple of months but apparently they're making up for it by offering a 15% off discount on your next online purchase. Of course, it's mentioned in my catalog which is currently sitting on my couch at home but I promise I'll bring it with me tomorrow to update this post if you're interested!

The New Juicy Couture: More Couture, Less Juicy.

Though I'm sure I'll sound like a complete snob by saying this but I've never been a Juicy Couture girl. I've always equated the brand with ditzy celebrities or 13 year olds who can pull off a pink and green velour jumpsuit much more easily than I ever could (or would want to).

I'm not exactly sure when Juicy went from hoochie to haute but I must say I am loving the new direction.

Here are some of my top picks from their latest collection:


The colors, the buckle, the height...I'm in love.


Another great color in a versatile tote -- perfect for Fall.


Personally, a black leather jacket is a Must Have that transcends trends. This one's simple and chic.


These trousers do the impossible -- professional enough for the office, sexy enough for after hours.


So ladylike without being overly girly. Nice balance.

All are available at ShopBop.