Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trends Report: Family Jewels

One word can be used to describe this season’s jewelry trends: bold. Key items include multi-strand chains, over-sized cocktail rings, and eye-catching cuffs. While bling-bling may be horribly dated, this doesn’t mean your jewels should be blah. To keep your accessories wardrobe current, ditch the sparkle for color, unusual textures, geometric patterns, and distinctive finishing touches like fringe. We’ll be talking more about these trends as the season continues, so please stay tuned.

When it comes to choosing necklaces and earrings, let your face shape be your guide. If your face is Curved, opt for pieces with soft flowing lines like ovals, scrolls, and swirls that accent, not play against, your shape.

Are you more angular? Choose items with straighter lines to emphasize chiseled features but don’t echo your face shape completely. For example, if your face is a Triangle, avoid jewelry that points sharply downward so that the focus is on you, not your accessories. To find out more about your best silhouettes be sure to complete your Bodyline profile and see your recommended products.

In the interest of keeping this completely personal, we’ve taken the jewelry trend one step further –what’s more unique than YOU? We scoured the web for the cutest customized jewelry and here’s what we dug up. How about an initial pendant inspired by the one worn by Anne Boleyn – we’re pretty sure Henry VIII found it beguiling. Or what about your family crest emblazoned on a ring? Coat of Arms jewelry will be a big trend this season and this is a fun way to honor your heritage. Of course any item that contains the names of your loved ones is a special reminder that’s sure to give you a pick me up every time you wear it.

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