Monday, June 30, 2008

Let's Keep This Shorts


I love shorts but given that I only wear them on weekends for 3 months out of the year this is one wardrobe area that I enjoy scrimping on. These cuties are only $3.74 each - snatch up all three at Target for less than a sandwich and iced green tea at Pret a Manger.

Richard Chai for Target


As if Nylon magazine wasn't cool enough already, they're offering a sneak peak at the upcoming Richard Chai for Target collection. You can view 8 of the looks online here but will have to wait until the August issue to slobber over the rest.

I'm all over those long slim cardis...who's with me?!

Going Coconuts

Let me start by saying I hate my hair. It’s fine, dry, wavy, and frizzes out at the slightest hint of humidity. Finding a shampoo that adds volume, gloss, and tones down the Brillo factor is always a challenge, so when I find something that addresses these issues I am happy to spread the word. This weekend I visited mom in Princeton and popped into Blue Mercury on Palmer Square in search of some tress relief. Their inventory is awe inspiring but I ended up walking out with only one item, the Bumble & Bumble Crème de Coco shampoo and I am completely smitten.

For starters, the scent is heavenly – a full on coconut fragrance that is not overly-cloying or artificial – it just smells like you spent the day at the beach, plain and simple. Just a small amount lathers nicely. I didn’t follow up with a conditioner because I wanted to see the full results from the shampoo alone. I let my hair air dry as I am wont to do in the summer and voilà – my hair was shiny, silky, and completely frizz-free. I was also happy to see that it didn’t weigh my hair down; it had just the perfect amount of pouf and bounce. I’m addicted. I’ll have to try the Crème de Coco Masque as I’ve heard rave reviews from the blogosphere, most notably, Beauty Addict who calls it her "Holy Grail" hair product.

Find it here.

Next, I investigated the beauty aisle at the local Rite Aid and came across something called Milky Shower Gel in Coconut & Lime. It’s by a Netherlands-based company called Greenland whose products, according to its website, are based on 100% natural raw ingredients.

I should note that it was really well hidden on a low shelf – not sure how anyone would find this thing but I’m glad I persisted because it is so fantastic! Since I had never heard of the brand before I bought it based solely on scent and texture, and both are awesome, btw. I didn’t detect much of the lime but the coconut is very sweet and delicate. The texture is soft with tiny granules that exfoliate without scratching, and my skin was left feeling very smooth and mildly scented. I had a tough time finding it online, but it’s worth the effort if you love coconut-scented products.

Search for it at your local Rite Aid, (only $7.99 at the one I went to) or get it online here.

New York Street Beat: True Colors

You know it’s officially summer when city residents shed their murky colored wardrobes in favor of more vibrant options. Estelle, seen here in SoHo, won us over with her electro-Kool-Aid inspired ensemble – the vintage jacket from Disney World (believe it or not) perfectly accents those bright bangles and Carmen Ho flats. Her brilliant mix of old (she’s had those adorable shorts since the age of 14) and new (tank from Victoria’s Secret Sport) injected a bit of tropical chic into the urban landscape.

Photo courtesy of

Optical Print Jacket

J. Crew

Layering Tank

Victoria’s Secret

Francesca Button Flat


Meow Meow

I stumbled upon this perfume while trolling the web. And no, I wasn't looking for porn -- I was trying to hunt down a shower gel that I wanted to share with you all and then I came across this:


This oh-so-charming-ly titled fragrance is described as follows:

A dash of spring enriched with a touch of summer, blended with a suggestion of autmun and a whiff of winter

Seriously, could I make this up?

I'm too much of a lady to actually reprint the words, but take a close look at the pic. I can't imagine ever dousing myself with something called:


If you are familiar with this scent, please do tell...does it smell like each season, and if so what in the h-e-double hockey sticks does that mean?!

Friday, June 27, 2008

For The Birds...And Assorted Other Creatures

Having nearly completed my first full work week since returning from my vacation I’m feeling a little bonkers, a smidge Animal Crackers, if you will, so I’m paying homage with a post dedicated to our furry and feathered friends.

I’m a sucker for anything with birds or feathers. Here I am with a barrette that I scored at a Kate Spade sample sale a couple of years ago. I had planned to wear it with my wedding dress but it was nixed by nearly all those near and dear so I completely chickened out. I still regret it. Do you like?

While trolling the blogosphere for more fashiony goodness, I stumbled upon these cuties on the Fleurr De Lux blog:

These looks are both so over-the-top fabulous that I hardly know where to begin. Though I’m not a fan of the teensy headband look a la Nicole Richie or the Olsen twins I la, la, love this feather version, paired with the leather jacket and what looks like an eyelet cami, it’s the perfect combination of boho romantic and tough rocker chick. The second headband is fantastic as well, and I love how she channels the whole 20s flapper girl meets Stevie Nicks vibe.

And the feather theme continues…

So I got a lot of flack re: my comments about Sarah Jessica Parker’s red carpet mis-step but my main beef really wasn’t with the chapeau per se, actually I admire a gutsy move, especially if it involves a feather or two. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this vintage hat on eBay:

A trip to Michael's for some faux green flowers, butterflies and a hot glue gun would turn this into the spitting image of the Philip Treacy creation – or leave it as is for a truly chic look.

As I write this there are three days left on this auction with a price of $29.95 which is great for such an exquisite vintage find. Take a look at the auction here.

And just one more bird reference I promise…

Deep down I’m really just a sensitive little luv bunny but I also harbor a deep rooted pleasure for the subversive or just plain weird. I am all over these badass pieces on Supermarket:


Find it here


Or this scary don't go in the water piece.

And I know it’s not really an animal but to me this bullet hole necklace looks like a cool underwater sea anemone-sponge-coral thingie and I really love it.


Find it here.

TGIF ladies and gents – have a killer weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New York Street Beat: Paper Bag or Plastic?

It’s not exactly the newest trend, but when we spotted Malachy’s take on the paper bag waist our style radar went off the charts. The publicist’s harem pants are from H&M and we love how she paired them with a simple black tee – there’s a lot of fabric around the middle with this style, so it’s best suited to sleek, tucked in tops as shown. Cinched with a wide bow tie, it beautifully defines for a flattering midriff. If you are tall or have a long torso, then this silhouette is a definite Must Have for you. If you’re more petite, don’t fret – try a skirt or shorter length pants for the same effortlessly chic effect.

Photo courtesy of

Thursday Deals!

A few deals to start your day off right.....

Visit Lindsay Lou

Visit Footlux

Visit Kate Boutique


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

eBay Seller of the Week: Thriftwares Vintage

Those nearest and dearest to me will attest that I am a bonafide eBay junkie. I've been buying and selling on the site since it first appeared, back in 1995 or so. As a seller, I appreciate how difficult it is to find the best stuff to sell so I really *heart* those who GET IT. I stumbled upon seller Thriftwares a short while ago but was just so blown away by this week's inventory that I had to share the love.


This maxi dress is beyond-the-moon fabulous. The jewel tone colors, with just the perfect amount of flowy-ness set my heart aflutter. The buttons up the side just threw me over the edge. What I wouldn't give to be an XS!


Trendy or not I am in love with all things ikat. This skirt is so perfect I would wear it to death this summer and well beyond with boots and a cardi in the Fall.


This psychedelic 70s tunic has the right blend of girlishness and hippie cool: just a hint of patchouli and incense without all that icky Grateful Deadhead aftertaste.


And this li'l white crochet mesh top conjurs images of my deliciously sweet yet regretfully short-lived stay in paradise.

Check out the wares here.

Help Me Decide: Fit Flops - Hot or Not?

I've noticed quite a few ladies around the city sporting these funny looking flip flops which purportedly help tone your legs with regular wear. I haven't tried them but this just reeks marketing gimmick to me.

Then I saw the latest addition to the Fit Flop empire and I can't decide. Part of me thinks there is something edgy about them -- I imagine some Chloe Sevigny type who would never be my friend in a million years rocking them and looking like the epitome of subversive cool; and the other part of me thinks, behold the winning entry in the fugliest shoe of the year contest.


What do you think, hot or not?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sicily: A Few "Style" Pics

Although I took gobs of photos on my vacation most of them revolved around the breath-taking ocean views not so much the trendy Italians. Hey, what can I say - even a confirmed fashion addict needs a break from the madness every once in a blue luna.

I will say this however, the boho look is still BIG, at least in the small towns that I visited. I packed a handful of dressy items for nights out and felt woefully over-dressed surrounded by bronzed babes in their loosely fitting ombre dresses, gladiators and silver ethnic jewelry.

Here is an absolutely gorgeous carved wood door in Palermo - the reflection is me in the aforementioned J. Crew tunic dress which I am so glad I purchased.


I spotted this chic ragazza in the medieval town of Erice. I loved those skinny jeans in a daring choice of white. The flowy watercolor floral blouse is just so on trend and totally appropriate for the sometimes oppressive Mediterranean heat.


Eva Longoria loves her cream that is. Her image was hawking the stuff everywhere; on buses, billboards, and posters. She was the only American celeb that I noticed. I suppose she needs another garish spendy frock to round out her wardrobe.


The view from the house that we rented (did I mention this place was paradise):


My feets enjoyed the view too:


And the cute little stray that wandered into our lives who we affectionately called "Lady Sedgwick"


Jane Krakowski - Is She For Real?

One of my guilty pleasures is devouring the Page Six Magazine in the Sunday New York Post every weekend without fail. Even the New York Times Style Section has lost it's proverbial luster since the glossy found it's way into my weekend routine.

This weekend featured 30 Rock starlet Jane Krakowski in fabulous 40s-inspired waves and uber glam red lips. I've never seen the show, quite frankly, I didn't realize Jane was still in the biz, the last time I saw her she was one of Ally McBeal's slutty but funny office mates always quick with a one liner, a welcome respite from Ally's space cadet delusions.

What really struck me about the cover was her skin. It's FLAWLESS. I'm convinced she's joined Kristen Davis in the freaky we've sold our soul to the devil and have stopped aging cult. Either that or she dunks herself in a vat of La Mer every night before bed time.

Take a look at her then & now:

What do you think? If anyone knows what beauty products she uses please do tell.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Baaack...and a note about The Sak

Top o' the morning ladies, or should I say ciao amici?!

Just got back from paradise, I mean Sicily, and I am slowly plowing through the countless emails that have magically appeared in my box while I was away.


I will post more later but I just wanted to write up a quickie review about the bag I brought with me that was truly indispensable:


I think "The Sak" has been around forever but this was my first encounter with this brand, and probably not my last. The large Reyes Crochet Tote was the PERFECT bag for my vacation. I took it everywhere from the plane, to the beach, where it held a book, camera, change of clothes, various potions and lotions, etc to shopping and site seeing, and it was perfectly appropriate with every clothing change and situation. I can't rave enough.

It's on sale right now for the bargain price of $66.75 - and well worth every penny, I assure you. You can get it here.

Anyone else a "Sak" lover or have I just been living under a rock for the past however many years?!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Vogue in the Outback

Nicole Kidman is on the cover of Vogue's July 2008 issue to promote her upcoming movie Australia (due out November). 

Annie Leibovitz was sent down to capture Nicole on Baz Luhrmann's sprawling set. Perhaps you remember Baz, he directed a little film called Moulin Rouge. If his last film is any indication look out for Australian styling next Spring. 

I'm already in love with these ensembles and Hugh Jackman looks great as a cowboy. Read Kidman's full interview here. There's also a beautiful behind-the-scenes video here

I am not a girly girl when it comes to movies but I held my breath through the entire trailer. Watch and see for yourself. 

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mischa, Mischa, Mischa!

Mischa Barton is a lovely girl. And I feel for her after the whole cellulite thing, that was ridiculous. I understand she's trying to make a comeback and sometimes she does a good job.

However, this whole thing confuses me.

photo from Just Jared

Remember the 80's? Marc Jacobs does.

Just saw this clip on and couldn't wait to share. This is Marc in 1987 talking about his new line inspired by underwear. The icing on the cake is his "Freudian slip".

If it wasn't for the amazing 80's synth in the background I would have sworn it was the set for the More Than Words video. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Linda Pratka, a former Wall Street banker, just opened an evening dress rental store in NYC. Yup, that's right, you can rent designer dresses, jewelry and handbags (don't worry trendsetters, they're hot off the rack). Who can afford a closet full of fancy dress you only wear twice in your life? Now you can save money and look chic. Love it!

Ilus New York 248 Elizabeth St., NYC 646-454-1678

photos from papermag

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The British are coming…

Topshop is on the way to the USA!
The famous UK clothing store is set to open a flagship store in SoHo NYC mid October. Wonder what Topshop has up its sleeve? Check it out here.

Look out H&M, Topshop has some cute stuff.

Power Puff Girl

What do you think? I know it kinda looks like a cinched down comforter but she kinda pulls it off, no?

Charlize Theron at the Hancock premier in Paris, June 16. Image via Splash

Pleased to meet ya!

Hello all.
While our style editor is away the graphic designer will blog! Lucky duck is living it up in Italy (I requested lots of photos) and I'm frizzing it out in the city. It's finally cooling down here but the "possible thunderstorms" and high humidity are killing me. Thank goodness for beauty products.

I was never a fan of getting my haircut. Too many bad encounters made me hesitant to spend more than $20 (and that only happened twice a year). It all changed when I worked near Arrojo Studios. It's not $20 but it's not like I'm sitting in Nick's chair. I still get a little thrill seeing him, my Mom and I were big What Not to Wear fans. Anyway, last time I was there my stylist put this Arrojo Defrizz Serum in my hair and I had to have it. I usually don't buy salon products but this stuff is amazing. Must try it.

Of course this weather calls for a multi-product concoction. Another great one to try is John Frieda's Clearly Defined Style Holding Gel. I've been disappointed before by some of those Frizz-Ease products, but this stuff is different. It isn't sticky, or crunchy or globby. Plus it has sunscreen in it. Perfect!

My favorite product has to be Matrix Biolage Oil Control Treatment. It's a great weapon for my grease-bangs. It also smells really fresh and clean so you can fool everyone into thinking you just washed your hair.

Now, let's not forget the oily face. Fashion magazines highlight bronze, glowing goddesses but let's be real, who feels like that? 5 minuets outside and you're looking for the nearest air conditioned store to cool off in. I know nothing can stop the shine monster but a girl can try. I love Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Oil-Control line. Also just tried Clean & Clear's Deep Action Refreshing Gel Cleanser. It's like really minty mouth wash for your face. I got a bit too much sun last weekend and it felt great.

The bonus to all these products? All less than $15. Can't beat that. Got any other suggestions for the battle on Frizz/Oil?