Friday, October 31, 2008

Important Update On The Bling - Courtesy of Tina Tang :)


Yes kiddies...paradise has been found, thanks to Tina Tang. Remember the object of my affection from yesterday?

I've been informed that:

The sale is also online so feel free to tell your readers to take advantage of it by typing in Coupon Code TINADAY at 25% off Everything!

Go, now...and do wish her a happy birthday while you're at it.

Thicker Healthy Hair - Where It Belongs.

Last night my husband jokingly asked me what I was dressing up as for Halloween. My reply? "A fat, middle-aged balding woman" -- to which he exclaimed: "you're not fat!"

He's cute huh?

Anyhoo, as someone who spends an inordinate amount of time stressing over the removal of body hair from places where it doesn't belong, I've also become increasingly obsessed with finding ways to restore what the hair on my head once was: lush, full, and vibrant.

Enter the good folks at Viviscal.

Viviscal for Women
is a natural hair nourishment regimen that promotes the growth of new hair while keeping the ones that you've got intact. It's been available through specialty clinics and salons throughout Europe for years with great results, but is now available to the masses.

Viviscal's unique formula contains no hormones or harsh ingredients and is 100% natural. It's pretty intriguing, actually:
  • AminoMar C Marine Complex, which provides essential proteins that promote growth
  • Horsetail Extract, an organic form of silica which increases hair's strength
  • Vitamin C derived from the Acerola Cherry; the richest source of the popular anti-oxidant Vitamin.
But does it work?

At the risk of sounding like an infomercial -- yep, you betcha it does. I've been taking it for a little over a month now, and I must admit I do notice a difference in the texture of my hair, and, I kid you not, it's more lustrous so I'm pleased thus far. It takes about 6 months for more visible results but I think I'm going to hang in there. Stay tuned.

Curious to see for yourself? Now's a good time 'cause they're offering a nice promotion - check their site for more details.

Lacey Nanette Lepore, On Sale Even

Photobucket Photobucket

One of the things on my Fall wish list is something wonderfully lacy from la casa di Prada. The odds of me bagging that much hyped guipure lace runway dress of my dreams is, well, pretty much that - a dream.

That's why I was thrilled to find these Nanette Lepore blouses at one of my favorite online stores Shop Dolly Rocker. There's something about the lace accents that are wildly sexy without a hint of trashiness. I'd pair either piece with a slim fitting leather jacket or pants and one of those fantastic baubles I found yesterday.

What's even hotter? Saving some dough. Enter code NANETTE at checkout and score either one of these for 40% off.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Oooh, I Gotta Get Me Some Bling

I know the sensible thing for me to do this payday is to cover my health insurance, rent, and pay a visit to the doctor...but those things aren't very sexy...and just look at these tantalizing blingy bits. I want them both. Now.

The Purple Waterfall hoops from Tina Tang is an incredibly chic way to try the fringe trend without a huge commitment. At $68 they're fairly priced but if you can make it to her New York store on November 3rd, she's offering 25% off to celebrate her birthday! Her shop is located at 49 Greenwich Avenue. I may see you there.

My next temptress du jour is the Magnolia Necklace by Jordann Jewelry. Buy it online at Tell me this wouldn't be uber hot with a plunging v-neck halter top?

Ugh...why isn't my wallet as fat as my sense of style?!

Shake Them Bones

In the spirit of Halloween I couldn't resist this skeleton necklace by Christian Lacroix -- leave it to the master of the ab fab to create such a unique piece.

On a side note, does anyone smell the irony of an anorexic model rocking a rib cage bib?

I'm just sayin'.

Photos via


Street Beat: Cinnamon, Coffee, Laughs, & Style

We’d like to introduce you to Anna, a blogger bud from Romania. When she’s not busy boning up on histology, the University student enjoys spending time with friends, Starbucks, and blogging about, among other things, her personal style.

Why did we stalk her? Read: ladylike without being stuffy, colorful without being brash, comfortable yet not at all sloppy. Aside from the obvious aforementioned qualities we were impressed that she manages to make a humble lab coat look incredibly chic – we don’t think we’ve seen a lovelier Doctor yet.

Her outfit deets: dress: Kotton, belt: Zara Kids, tights: Accessorize, boots: Musette, bag: Stradivarius, Jacket: unknown, bracelets: thrift

You can visit her blog at:



Poppy Silk Dress


Glitter Satchel



Jessica Simpson

Virginia Boot

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Help Me Decide: Money Shoes, Hot or Not?


I'm feeling really conflicted by these Maison Martin Margiela pumps: part of me digs the cheekiness...imagine how many people would stoop down to pick up what they thought was a windfall...while the other part of me thinks they're utterly ridiculous.

Please help me decide: dragging cash around town on your feet, hot or not?!

Last Call


(From L - R: Prada, Cole Haan, Anne Klein)

One of the things that I miss most about living in the 'burbs (aside from the ability to wash my unmentionables, um, while wearing unmentionables) is hopping in my wheels to hit up the outlet mall for some serious deals.

Neiman Marcus' Last Call was one frequent destination. If you haven't been, it's a wonderful source for buying high end designer goods at outrageous discounts. I've gotten comfortable at both the Elizabeth & Philly locations -- here's a list of others:

Tempe, AZ
Milpitas, CA
San Diego, CA
Denver, CO
Naples, FL
Miami, FL
Orlando, FL
Sunrise, FL
Lawrenceville, GA
Hanover, MD
Auburn Hills, MI
Las Vegas, NV
Elizabeth, NJ
Central Valley, NY
Deer Park, NY
Limerick, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Allen, TX
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Houston, TX
San Marcos, TX

If there isn't one in your neck of the woods check out the "Sales & Values" section of Neiman Marcus' website for an almost as good experience.

You d'Orsay!

Okay, it's a bad pun...but there's nothing stinky about this patent d'Orsay pump by the Manolo.

New from his resort collection at, where else, Bergdorf's. Can't you just see these looking hot with a floor length stunner or maybe your everyday jeans?

Sure, the economy's sinking like the Titanic, but I'm going down with the ship looking mahvelous dahling.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Feather Headband Giveaway You Can't Miss

It's no secret that I'm a little flighty...most recently documented here.

But you know what else isn't a secret? The fact that I can't keep one. Visit Shopping's My Cardio for a chance to win this (and other) totally gorgeous feather accessories!

Sail Away With Gucci


Gucci's Resort collection has just hit Bergdorf's and two questions leap to mind immediately:

Who the heck is taking a cruise right now in this economy?


How soon can I get my hands on this yummy pile of suede-studded goodness?

A bag covered in designer logos is so out of character for me but I love the haute bohemian vibe of this tote - and apparently most folks agree because it's on backorder.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Look Like Jessica Simpson - For Less Moolah

When I last reported on this Michael Kors cheetah brocade dress, it involved two glamorous ladies, and one unfortunate fashion faux pas.

Well, here's a chance to rock the red carpet for a whole lot less money with no less style. Nab this $1600 dress just in time for the holiday party season on Gilt for only $500.

As usual, quantities are limited so you know the drill.

What I Want Right Now - A Cool Ring From YSL

I love the mad-hatter elegance of this Yves Saint Laurent Arty Dots ring -- it's like something Diana Vreeland or Little Edie would've worn to some wildly eccentric and decadent tea party.

At $195 - it's spendy, but not stratospheric like most YSL pieces...get it at Saks.

Trends Report: What's Hot In Hair? Find Out With Joel Warren & Edward Tricomi!

Master stylists Edward Tricomi and Joel Warren have spent their careers setting hair trends tailored to their elite clientele. Now, they share their expert knowledge, predicting the season’s Must-Have cuts and colors and show Always InStyle members how to achieve the looks at home.

Clean Lines. “Clean lines are going to make their way into many cuts and styles this season – particularly in a very straight, slightly below-the-shoulder cut with minimal layers,” predicts Tricomi. “These strong lines will also be apparent in stronger bangs and short bobs reminiscent of the 20’s. The look works for curls, too – just wear it in a “V” shape (longer in the front and shorter in the back) to maintain manageability.”

High Shine. “Matted hair is fine for wavier, messier styles, but clean lines call for high shine,” advises Tricomi. “Use a nylon and boar bristle to help keep hair knot-free while distributing oils from the scalp through the rest of the hair. Add a shine-enhancing product to damp hair and then style to create a slight sheen without weighing hair down.”

Bold Color. “Hair color is going to be bigger and bolder this season,” says Warren. “Look for brighter reds and richer brunettes. Blondes will be a wheat color with more intensity and less platinum tone. The season’s sharp, clean cuts bring out the richness of these saturated shades. Keep bold color fresh and fade-free with color-protecting shampoo and conditioner.”

Bottom line? Do what’s best for your hair type. Complete your Hair Profile to find your personalized hair care regimen and most flattering styles.



Blue Gel

Derm Store


Round Thermal Brush
NY Beauty Secrets



Strengthener For All Hair
Bath & Body Works

Friday, October 24, 2008

Help Me Decide: Kiddie Handbags, Hot or Not?

The blogosphere has been all abuzz with this photo of Sarah Palin's daughter Piper carrying a fake Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

Rather than turn this into some heated political discussion about the heinousness of knock-offs or Ms. Palin's 150K wardrobe, please help me decide:

kids carrying handbags, hot or not?

Photo via The Huffington Post.

Style Facelift...And I Like It

This post is going to embarrass me for a multitude of reasons. Not the least of which involves a reference to an obscure quote from, of all things, The O.C..

If you were a fan of the show, and are a die-hard fashionista (god, how I hate that term), you may remember the scene where Kiki's ne'er do well sister comes back into her life to wreak a little havoc. There's a point where she goes through big sis' closet and pulls out a very plain looking piece and says, "Talbots? Really Kirstin?" to which K responds, "It was a gift."

Most folks would've missed this subtle jab, but fashion insiders heard loud and clear: the words Talbots and style didn't belong in the same sentence, much less some rich Orange County housewife's wardrobe.

After stumbling upon Talbots newly redesigned website I was surprised to find that the purveyor of classic, sensible ladylike clothing has gone all hip. Well, maybe not in the Williamsburg or Newport Beach sense of the word, but the upgrade is pretty stylish:



Which brings me to embarrassing admission #2: I want it. All.

Anyone with me on this?

Why I Love Betsey Johnson: Reason 1001

I love everything about this Tisha fringe boot: the yummy suede, the hint of pink, the stiletto heel - it's classic rock n' roll Betsey.

But what sealed the deal?



Yeah, I know no one will see it but I'd sail down the street knowing it was there.

Get it now at Endless.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Plaid's So Rad...

...and on eBay right now.

From one of my fave vintage sellers Lullie Vintage Clothing, this sweet li'l 80s plaid jumper has my name all over it.


I swear this is the exact one I owned back in the day. Click here for more pics or to bid right now.

Fashion Saves Lives, Really.

You may remember my love affair with Housing Works, mentioned here and here.

Well, here are a couple of highly mentionable updates:

The organization, whose proceeds benefit those living with HIV and AIDS, is holding a sample sale with over a million bucks worth of designer goodies in the hopes of raising $500K. There's also a swank party, Fashion For Action, which is being held at The Rubin Art Museum and hosted by Marc Jacobs.

The sale will be held at the store's Chelsea location at 143 West 17th Street from November 14 - 16th. Not a New Yorker? Don't fret. They've also updated their website to include "Buy It Now" items that your friendly neighborhood Fed Ex guy will happily dispatch.

There are tons of treasures that get updated daily but here are some of my favorites:


A Tom Ford designed Gucci dress that is perfect for the stylish, yet cash-strapped bride, a vintage Courreges bag that's equally chic with a tweed suit or jeans, and speaking of jeans, a pair of Sevens in a flattering wash and cut.

Find them, and all their BIN items at Shop Housing Works.

Street Beat: Waldorf Chic

Like Lauren – seen here in her “Peach Princess” ensemble – we used to loathe Mondays, but those were back in the dark days before Gossip Girl served up a weekly diet of catfights, backstabbing, and stylish goodness.

If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll recognize the undeniable Queen B influence on “L’s” look. We adore her handmade peach skirt, paired brilliantly with a slim-fitting cardigan and feminine bow-tie blouse, both from Target. The FIT student keeps it chic with a simple bangle and flats – perfect for a day at school or a night spent with BFFs on Park Avenue. Word is Blair approves.

Until next time, you know you love me. xo xo -- GG.

photos courtesy:



Mossimo Supply Co.
Boyfriend Cardigan



White Blouse

Yes Style


Buttoned Cotton Skirt