Thursday, August 28, 2008

New York Street Beat: Teenage Waist Land

Though the high-waisted trend has been going strong since last year it’s hard to find many examples of the right way to wear them.

Pants or shorts are too often overly embellished with buttons or seams, and worn with fussy tops, and busy accessories. The overall effect is messy or worse, frumpy.

Not so with Jami, seen here in Chelsea. We love the dark rinse and tiny belt which has a slimming effect, while the handkerchief detail on her cami frames her face and keeps the whole Bodyline sleek and interesting.

She jazzes things up a bit with her gladiator sandals, bag, and head scarf for a winning combination.

(photo courtesy of Refinery29


fashion herald said...

she's adorable, great look!

please sir said...

What a great look - especially for a shorty like me!

WendyB said...

I really like the waists with a corset effect going on.

Skye said...

Isn't she lovely! I really like this look - it's one I'll be trying to pull off (harder when you're a stumpy waistless wee beastie like me though) this summer.