Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wear Your Heart On Your Gold Saturn Tee

The recent hub bub created by our presidential candidates with regard to the idea of celebrity reminded me of the last election when folks like P. Diddy, Paris, and assorted others chose to rock trendy tees rather than actually rock the vote.

Hey, I'm all for celebrities trying to promote important issues but I'd rather they talk the talk AND walk the walk.

When I saw this darling tank by Gold Saturn, I couldn't help but feel that Paris would definitely approve.

I know I certainly do:


Just what the doctor ordered, a "prescription for peace":


Or...if you're not a card carrying lipstick liberal, consider:


Designer David John Acosta married his love of fashion with his passion for graphic design. The result? Totally unique, sure-to-get-people-talking tees.

Check out his entire collection here.


Songy said...

that pill & peace shirt is very clever.. my vote goes to that t. :)

shopversion said...

that peace cami-tank is so cute!

TiKeDi said...

love the pill, peace shirt.