Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over-The-Top Over The Shoe Accessories - Love It!


When this image appeared in my mail this morning I said to myself, "Self -- those are some badass kicks -- surely they are outrageously expensive and not terribly practical for a working girl on a budget toiling away in some cubicle for The Man."

Imagine my surprise upon learning that these models are actually rocking spats. Yeah, those turn-of-the-last century accoutrement that seem so adorably quaint...on dancing girls in some old Hollywood musical.


Sure they're a tad spendy, but when you consider the many wardrobe extending possibilities these babies offer the CPW* is actually quite low. Not to mention their priceless ability to elevate your humble Payless pump to sexy rock goddess proportions.

From one shrewd cubicle bunny to another, I thought you'd appreciate the tip. Find them at Revolve Clothing.

*(cost per wear)


Sharon Rose said...

Wow-I can see these setting a trend......!!

WendyB said...

Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style needs to go into business for herself. She made herself some shoe accessories ages ago.

Songy said...

Aren't they the stuff gangsters' used to on their shoes back in the '40s and '50s?

That's pretty interesting. Things going around and around.. never knew that this is going to come around for women.