Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Birds of a Feather

You may remember that I have a mild obsession with birds...imagine my delight upon receiving today's Daily Candy about Susannah Lipsey's whimsical headpieces:

I love the retro prairie girlishness of her collection, and that she named each piece after the Judee Sill or Jimmy Spheeris song that inspired it.

Check out the Windy Freda website here.


MollyCake said...

Oh I love love love the second one. I wonder if I could make something like that. Wonderful.

Times of Glory said...

Feather always gives such a mysterious look! I love them, esp the 1st one! How fairytale! A red feathered hat, oh my xxxxxx

Runaway Gallery said...

very fun

lucy said...

i remember going through a feather obsession!! my most exotic purchase was a 20's styled hat with (i forget which feathers they were very delicate and had a great pattern. i believe from a real bird!?!) anyway, the feathers hung below the hat and sort of dipped down fringing the eyes.

sorry for the confusing description!! that brought me down memory lane!!

great blog!! Thanxs for visiting YoWorld!!