Friday, July 25, 2008

Can We Talk Project Runway?

I've only recently caught the PR bug but I wanted to post a few quick observations and open up the floor for discussion.

Though it wasn't my favorite look of the night, I didn't think Korto's gold dress was so bad. Allow me to illustrate:


I think it was Mr. Kors who made some snarky comment that involved wings...I can't remember...but regardless I thought the concept looked vaguely familiar, so:


Voila, from Prada's Fall 2008 runway collection. C'mon people, if she's sharing Miuccia's design aesthetic, Korto's all right by me.

And on to supa-stah Christian Siriano.

I really dug his Marchesa style ruffly concoctions at Bryant Park so I had high expectations for his Bluefly collection. Sadly, it leaves something to be desired. It's a bi-polar mix of stuff that's either blah or bang, pow, zoom! and honestly:

1) I don't attend many over-the-top occasions where such things are appropriate, and

2) if I buy a $96 t-shirt it better make me look 10 lbs. thinner and wash itself.

But I'm not going to dis the whole thing because if I HAD to pick one thing it would be:


A wee bit spendy at nearly $600 but if the style fairy suddenly bestowed it upon me I wouldn't object.


CoutureCarrie said...

Sadly, I don't have cable (gasp!) so I haveb't been watching PR this season, but the comparison you ahve drawn is apt. Kors always makes snarky remarks. The guy is kind of an ass. When I worked at Bergdorf Goodman, he had a trunk show and was too high and mighty to speak to the employees - he was too busy kissing the bums of all the rich ladies who were placing orders . . .

As for Siriano, that jacket was "unavailable" on the first day it was shown on, which is very annoying! But I love his designs, even if only Posh Spice can afford them!

Style Addict said...

I agree Kors is always so critical,he is not a better designer than most of the designers on the show. That is a beautiful dress.

fashion herald said...

I think it's just a bad color on the model. I don't have cable either!

sydneydoll said...

i like that jacket.
very nice.

:Fashion Frenzy: said...

I don't think the gold dress was too bad either. The jacket IS nice though.