Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trends Report: Bathing Beauties

It used to be an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, little polka dot bikini was all you needed to make waves by the seashore. If you planned on actually swimming in your swimsuit then a sensible racer back Speedo was the way to go – but gone are the days of the shapeless one piece – the latest swimsuits play up your best attributes while elevating the humble beach uniform to runway worthy proportions. To learn more about the colors and bodyline silhouettes that work best for you, be sure to log in to Always In Style and complete your Personal Profiles.

There is something quite ladylike and glam about the one piece – it’s retro in the best sense of the word. And they’re not just for the shy any longer – isn’t it always far sexier to leave more to the imagination? We think so. Look for big trends like toga style one shoulder pieces, asymmetric cutouts, embellishments like beads or buttons, and figure enhancing fabrics that shape or create curves where necessary.

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Anna Pope said...

Oh the sailor one is too cute, love it!