Monday, July 14, 2008

Trends Report: Mission Beauty Organization

If you’re like us and enjoy squeezing in a little extra snooze time in the a.m., streamlining your beauty regimen and organizing your products is a must. Here are a few fast tips to speed up your routine and get your zzzzs.

Take stock. Certain products have the shelf life of a gnat, while others never really worked for your personal coloring or skin type to begin with. Take a critical look at what you have and pitch anything that isn’t used on a regular basis to de-clutter your surroundings. You will be amazed at how liberating this is. Really.

Sort it out. Break your products into two piles: the stuff you use daily and your special occasion items. Put go-to items in your medicine cabinet or in a pretty container near your mirror. Stow more glam evening makeup or hair rollers, etc., under the sink.

Group it. Invest in some clear acrylic containers or mesh baskets to place in drawers and cabinets. You could even raid kitchen items like muffin pans and ice cube trays to store smaller products or samples. If you have room, consider a lazy susan so you can easily access brushes, cotton swabs, and other makeup tools. Group like items together; eyeshadows, lippies, etc., and place them label up so you can quickly find the colors you need.

Maintenance. Makeup and its assorted accoutrements can harbor germs that can make you sick or break out. To prolong a product’s freshness, avoid dipping your fingers and use clean applicators instead. Wash your brushes on a regular basis by running under warm water with a tiny bit of shampoo, then air dry. Alternatively, you can buy pre-moistened wipes which disinfect and remove pigments.

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shoppingsmycardio said...

oh, bless your stylish little heart...i've been hunting for an on-counter makeup organizer that didn't make me want to hurl for ages! why do i never think to check PB kids and PB teen? fab find! but do i have to have my first name painted on the front??