Monday, July 7, 2008

New York Street Beat: Fit To Be Tied

As I write this, I’m being held captive by an over-zealous air conditioning unit – which is why Amanda’s well groomed ensemble caught my eye. Though it may sound crazy, scarves are ubiquitous on warm city streets, and with good reason: no other accessory is as capable of transforming you into an haute momma in a snap. Doesn’t she just radiate elegance in that chic chapeau (thrift store), shades, scarf, and bag (all bought on the street)?

Naysayers will undoubtedly argue that if it’s hot out, then wearing a scarf is as sensible as wearing ski boots with your shorts – we say it’s all about your personal style. The versatility, color, texture, etc., that a scarf adds to your overall look makes it a year round Must-Have.
What I wouldn’t give for one of these beauties right about now.

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Cammila said...

At the risk of losing all my (possibly non-existent) fashion coolness, I've never really gotten comfortable tying scarves. I still wear them sometimes when it really suits, but it's always a nervous, somewhat awkward affair as I negotiate the fabric for what feels like hours trying to make it look effortless. Maybe there's a book on it somewhere with instructions or something, like the knot-tying book they have in boy scouts!

Sharon Rose said...

I love scarfs-all types, anytime!!

fashion herald said...

Cammila, I'm with you, so do what i do, just throw it around your neck a couple times and go - then through the day adjust each time you go to the bathroom and obsess. But I still wear scarves almost daily because they totally make everything better! And yes, I wear mine in summer too.

tmp00 said...

ooooh I am not envying you that "real feel" of 98 degrees, darlin'

Of course it's supposed to get there here and half that state is on fire, sooo..