Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Nation Ltd., Under...OMG...I Just Found My Favorite T-Shirt!


Last night two very freakish, completely out-of-character things occured.

First I discovered that Mary Kate, Nicole Ritchie, and *wince* Lindsay Lohan, are on the same style page as yours truly; specifically when it involves Nation Ltd.'s broken in tee shirts. The L.A. based company was voted #3 on Vogue's Top 10 T-Shirt list for their custom made vintage style tees. (On a side note, a. who knew this list existed and b. I'm DYING to know who stole the top two spots)

My latest Hautelook haul finally arrived and it was chock full of squishy tee goodness. The moment I slipped into their cottony-soft wares I was hooked -- so much so that if I could, I would henceforth never don another garment with zippers, buttons, or closures of any kind. I had visions of going back to Cali and bumming around Malibu with Pamela, Rachel, and Jessica sipping iced Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf tasty treats, my life on the Upper West Side, like my size 4 jeans, just a distant memory.

Regrettably, after raving about the Rio dress what I was expecting to be a peach-apricot hue actually turned out to be orange. I mean really ORANGE, like can I borrow your highlighter orange. Like, stay within the traffic cones orange. It was a disaster.

But here's where it goes all Twilight Zone.

I immediately went online to Nation Ltd's site and placed an order for another in a somewhat less exuberant shade. What's so weird about that? Well, you see, my original score rung up at a mere $54 (thank you Hautelook, but boo on you for having such yucky lighting) whereas the current retail price is $136.

Price be damned I had to make it mine. Fortunately, I wasn't too spaced out to find that if you sign up for their newsletter you receive a coupon worth 25% off! Still not as good as $54...but heck, I found a couple of sale items as well so it worked out.

Fingers crossed that the Hibiscus Pink doesn't look like congealed Pepto Bismol -- wish me luck.


Lauren said...

I love Nation Ltd! I also bought one from HauteLook & just got it the other day...they are amazing & so is!

Sharon Rose said...

Well done on your finds!! That Ossie dress is spectacular, but out of my price range-I love drooling over it though!!

Doriz Jeltzin said...

Mary-Kate could pull of anything. Nw I want a t-shirt as well.

Times of Glory said...

I have to say that Nation Ltd's tee is seriously good! I love them a lot xxxxxxxxx

Beezie said...

kelis (the singer) had on a top similar the 2nd one with her hair peaking out of it just like the photo. I love it <33

Anonymous said...

Guess what? is having another Nation Ltd. sale tomorrow! I missed the first one, but I will catch this one for sure. I love them.