Monday, July 28, 2008

What I Love This Morning: Cross Body Bags

A spur of the moment jaunt to the Green Flea this weekend made it painfully obvious that the most valuable accessory in a stylish girl's ensemble is not a flawless shade of lip gloss or the perfect gladiator sandal -- it's the right bag.

In order to dig through tempting piles of goodies or jockey your way through crowded shopping stalls you need a carry-all that doesn't fall over, weigh a ton, or tackle unsuspecting shoppers at every turn. I learned this the hard way when I nearly dumped the entire contents of my over-sized tote into a box full of vintage purses.

Since even the name "fanny pack" makes me want to cringe, I scoured the web for bags that met three all-important criteria. It has to be slim, it has to be light, and it has to look good.

Here's what I came up with:


Classic, sleek...timeless. Get it online here.


There's something indescribably stylish about the cream colored leather and tortoise shell embellishment. By B. Makowsky at Endless.


And an utterly cool vintage Oroton bag that's a personal fave thanks to it's rich color and camera-style shape it is the very embodiment of utilitarian chic. I'm selling it on eBay.


Sharon Rose said...

A great post-I have a few vintage bags with this long style strap-very versatile and stylish!!

fashion herald said...

cream and tortoise is tempting, but i'm diggin the vintage oroton!


Oh this vintage Oroton bag is so cute! Love it!


Style Addict said...

I so need a cross body bag!

Siljesfashion said...

Love this post! And you are so right a cross body bag is needed for flea market shopping.

Glamouricious said...

gosh! I sooo agree! as of lately i have been wearing my crocheted cross body bag. i dunno if you remember the ones which where IN yearssss back lol. it's the most comfy, useful and versatile bag i own. i have a few more (similar to the ones pictured) from my teen years in black, brown, etc and i have been wearing those instead of handbags b/c they look good and are comfy. plus.. no one else is wearing it much lately.

Lil' Puch said...

The vintage Oroton bag is beautiful.