Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who Are You Marc Jacobs Spring 2009?

I'm prepared to lose some street cred for the following comments but I can't help but be puzzled by a designer who, in the same show, presented:




(photos via Style.com)

The first two "Mary Poppins Goes To Dubai" looks were a scary reminder of that PR Little Bo Peep disaster from a short while ago, while the latter two look perfectly chic and pulled together.

Please don't misunderstand me, I love a little quirk. Make that a whole lotta quirk:


Love the I Dream Of Jeannie pants, wacky little gold & turquoise safety pin, and all:


BUT since nobody rocks harem pants quite like Barbara Eden, and lurex & plaid combos remind me of Halloweens gone by, I'll stick to classic pieces that I will wear year after year -- sorry Marc.


The Fashionable Housewife said...

No I'm with you... I LOVE MJ, but those first two are a little too far off for my taste...

Love the second 2 though... I want that peach dress!

Elisa said...

Ok, the first two are horrifying, but the rest I like.

fashion herald said...

i see what you mean. I like the whacked first two; at least I like elements of them. and the peach is gorgeous, but as a whole, huh?! do you feel this way about a lot of shows this season? i'm thinking it's an epidemic.

Always In Style said...

FH - I must be honest, I'm feeling a tad underwhelmed with Spring's offerings!

And you're right about the head to toe peach, hard to pull off for sure but I love the silhouette)

shoppingsmycardio said...

ugh, and did you see the random accessories he presented?! SO weird. and i'm normally such a fan...i was really bummed.

strikeapose said...

Im an MJ girl..but yeah..those first two are ..umm..

K.Line said...

Gotta say, on first review, I'm not loving this collection. (I may live to change my mind, I guess.)

Songy said...

MJ seems to be the most talked about collection this week. Not quite my cup of tea but small details are catching my eyes. Good fun.. bag addict I'm.. I'll have to hunt down the bags..