Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 Emmys: The Best & Worst On The Red Carpet

I didn't get the chance to catch the 2008 Emmy awards last night, but this morning's red carpet recap has me wishing I had.

It seems the undisputed favorite of the night was Heidi Klum - but sorry - I would have to disagree. Here are my picks:


Brooke Shields looks brilliant in softly flowing fuchsia.


Mariska Hargitay in a stunning yellow frock that complements her in every way.


Marcia Cross in a gorgeous vintage inspired gown - very shabby chic/Paris Apt.


Kyra Sedgwick looks amazing in this dress, very Art Deco glam and super sexy. Her makeup and hair just catapults the whole look into perfection.


Who knew Tina Fey had such rocking curves? Love it!


Simple and chic. Cynthia Nixon looks fabulous!


The biggest DUD of the night: Jennifer Love Hewitt in a I-Can't-Believe-That's-A-Carolina-Herrera-Dress. And that hair? Oof!

(photos via: Just Jared, In Style, Entertainment News)


Emily said...

if i can look half as good as kyra sedwick at her age, i'd be happy! major oops moment for j love...though she's clearly lost some weight (which wasn't needed), this dress ages her!

enc said...

You called it on every one.

MollyCake said...

didn't see the emmys because i was watching law and order episodes, so it's fitting that i loved what mariska was wearing. krya sedgwick also looked great.

the only disagreement i have- i think jennifer love looks cute!

ro said...

I was thinking the same thing about Tina Fey. WOW!

Fabulous Over 40 said...

Brooke's dress and look was my favorite. I loved Vanessa William's dress as well.

Elisa said...

Oh, wow, Jennifer Love Hewitt... I have no words, you said it all!

My Absolute favorite was Marcia Cross. Stunning. But Kyra Sedwick look fantaatic too.

Trendy Gourmandise said...

yellow !!!!!