Friday, September 19, 2008

New York Street Beat: Smells Like Teen Spirit

When I heard that grunge was making a comeback I was skeptical. My first thought was, ‘90s-era teen angst style wasn’t exactly fashion history’s shining moment.

When I saw Mimi, my second thought was, why pray tell, did I ditch my lumberjack boots and faded flannel plaid shirt?

Keeping things sleek in slim fitting black tights (formerly her mom’s), tall boots, and a shrunken checked shirt, (both second-hand) she deliriously achieves style nirvana (pun intended) with that wide studded belt and bag. I love that her ensemble skews a little more glam, a little less grunge.

Follow Mimi’s cue – scope out thrift shops, discount outlets, heck – even family members’ closets: you’ll score a look that is authentic and thankfully free from that whole studied tortured artist vibe, circa 1992.

(photo courtesy of Wunderbloc)

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Emily said...

i can't wait to embrace this trend, for which i've slowly begun to accumulate pieces.