Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Perfect Denim Pencil Skirt For Under $30!


My prayers have been answered!

Though it may sound silly I have searched high and low for THE quintessential denim pencil skirt. What does that look like? A wash that is free of streaks or other distressed embellishments, a fabric that won't cling to my butt like spandex on some '80s hair band lothario, and a slit that isn't so high it reveals whether or not I've paid a visit to my bikini wax dominatrix Susan.

Surprisingly something so basic is quite impossible to find. These skirts from Old Navy are pretty darn close to perfect. I love the slight v-shape of the top one which creates the illusion of a more shapely waist, while my coworker Kim (yes, there are two of us!) swears by the uber flattering gray wash and straight seams of the second. If I can convince her to model it for us I'll post the pictures to prove it.

Best of all, they're both under $30. Find them here.


Skye said...

I have a Wrangler one which perfectly fits your criteria - the only problem is it's too big for me. I wish it wasn't since a denim pencil skirt is such a versatile piece. I've been thinking about making it into a mini...

wholesale artful dodger said...

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