Monday, September 15, 2008

Pas de Deux Boutique: I Want To Move In Right Now.

Though I could go on for days about a fab pair of shoes, or the perfect shade of lip gloss, those nearest and dearest to me know that I am first and foremost an interior design junkie.

When I read about this chic new East Village boutique, Pas de Deux on Refinery 29 I couldn't help but post these pics to share a little style inspiration with y'all:



I've always loved those elegant dressing tables, anyone out there use one to "put their face on?"


MJ said...

Wow, my dream fashion closet will also be my new favorite boutique? Loves it!

fashion herald said...

I wish my place looked anything close to that!

enc said...

That's a slick little outfit. I really like the style.

I think Super Kawaii Mama uses a dressing table. She's all about retro.

strikeapose said...

Oh, the dressing tables are divine.

Anna Pope said...

That place is amazing!

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-very nice indeed!! I picked up at the boot sale last year an antique style mirror-a middle one and two side ones to perch on my dressing table, I love it!!