Friday, September 19, 2008

Rachel Bilson for DKNY


Sure, celebrity-designed clothing lines are getting more common. It's no surprise when you consider that just 20 years ago you could buy a copy of Vogue or Bazaar and see an honest-to-goodness runway model in all of her glossy glory on the cover, not some pop tart pushing her latest offering. Who woulda thunk that those stylish glamazons of yore would be nearly extinct today?

Well, step back LiLo, Heidiwood is just one exit away from Style Oblivion, and celebrity? Golly, I want no part of it.

Except, of course, for Rachel Bilson's collaboration with DKNY.

Naturally the très chic yellow studded dress that I coveted is SOLD OUT, but the rest of the collection isn't so bad. Take a peek!


Emily said...'s that yellow dress that i really need! please check out my post today on lauren conrad's Gabrielle skirt...hate her, love her skirt!

Kasmira said...

How can it be sold out!!! I've been checking for this stuff to come out all month. When did it go up?

Always In Style said...

Hi Kasmira - I'm not sure when it went up, I just visited this morning.

So sad :(