Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I Want To Look Like Right Now: Mad Max


(photos via & clarenceboddiker's stash blog)

Remember way back when Mel Gibson was totally cool?

Those of us old enough recall his pre stardom-boozy-Anti-Semite-sexist pig days when he was just some road warrior in leather kicking post apocalyptic butt. All the underground, dare I say hipster, types in my school loved him.

Well, I wanna look like that right now. These Steve Madden Hacienda boots are a good place to start. I love beat-up crackle-finish metallic. It's so shabby rocker girl chic.

You can find them at Endless on sale for $124 or for $134.

The good thing about is that shipping and returns are free and they accept Bill Me Later which is a sinfully easy way to shop online.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi always in style-These are really gorgeous! I posted about minnetonkas yesterday and now seeing these, well it will be hard to choose what sort of style I will go for when I've saved up enough!!

Skye said...

Ah the road warrior - being Australian I must have watched this about nine million times (not exaggerating) when I was growing up. Awesome style icon!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

ha great line about how mel gibson used to be cool. sad, so sad. anyway, these boots are killer.

Songy said...

thanks for the tip on I had no end of drama with steve madden's website so.. cool

Trendology said...

Those boots are great!