Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trends Report: 3 Ways To Look Thinner (And They Don't Involve Excercise)

Even the skinniest among us have our “fat” days. Right up there with a “bad hair day,” the dreaded f-day is the bane of a stylish girl’s existence. Here are three quick tips to look thinner without breaking a sweat:

Wear pants with a side or back zipper and no front pockets. However, this doesn’t apply to derrier pockets because pocket-less backsides tend to widen the caboose. Conversely, well-placed rear pockets can slim you down or give you a lift.

Iron a crease into the front of your jeans or pants. The vertical line creates a leaner looking silhouette.

Proper fit is paramount. Don’t wear skirts or pants that “cup” your buttocks. Seams should fall straight down for a slim silhouette.

Want to take these tips to the extreme? Choose the right foundation garment and kiss unwanted lumps and bumps goodbye.

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1 comment:

Emily said...

anything that makes me look thinner without the use of a treadmill or cutting back on donuts is a plus in my book!