Monday, October 6, 2008

Jet Set Glo For Monday Morning

Due in no small part to the B train being held up "due to an earlier incident" I was super late into the office this morning. It's also Monday. Needless to say my outlook isn't, shall we say, "sunny" Actually it's pretty darn p-d off and pale.

Luckily I keep my go-to tinted moisturizer, Paula Dorf's Face Tint by my computer for days like this. The shade I'm reaching for today is called "Jet Set Glo" and as the name implies, is the bronziest color in the collection. The coverage is sheer and with a bit of glimmer so it's just the pick me up I need. I've tried and loved other tinted moisturizers, but what I especially like about this one is that it doesn't give you that artificial orange-tinged color that many bronzer tints do -- just luminous coverage. An important consideration for a pale face like moi.

It's PABA free and filled with anti-oxidants so it's super delicate on your skin. It's also, unlike other tinted moisturizers I've tried, really great for blending with foundation - I've used a little squirt and blended with a foundation brush for totally customized coverage. On a related note, you really can't beat a brush for applying foundation -- and Paula makes a great one. I'll have to post about that separately because the results are so outstanding it warrants further discussion.

Get your glow on here.


apricot tea. said...

I adore tinted foundation! It's just a shame that drugstore brands (Maybelline, Covergirl, etc.) don't make good ones. Since I have dark skin, the pigments never look right. I end up having to mix it with foundation, which defeats the purpose, I think.

Anyway, I love the look of the pigments in this tinted foundation. & if I didn't already have a makeup box full of foundations, I would head off to buy it. :]

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-I'll have to try something like this, I've just not got round to it yet!! A great review my dear! I've awarded you a blog award-check my blog for details!!

fashion herald said...

no thanks to my bad skin, I usually need more coverage! but i've been thinking of trying something like this for good days.

Belowen said...

"It's also Monday. Needless to say my outlook isn't, shall we say, "sunny." Actually it's pretty darn p-d off and pale." This sums me up for most mornings actually, lol.