Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's Get Ready To Rumble: Battle Of The Bags


While perusing the sales at Zappos I came across these totes from Betsey Johnson and Harajuku Lovers. I was struck by their similarity in color and cheeky style.

Since I am a fan of both ladies, and I'm feeling a wee bit playful this morning, I ask you: in a style war match, who's bag would beat up the other, or to put it in more ladylike terms, which would you prefer to carry your stuff in?

Incidentally, they're both on sale so all interested parties are in luck.


shoppingsmycardio said...

lol...well, since the one on the left sports my initials, i don't see how i could resist! if only i could remove the "betsey johnson" at the bottom!

fashion herald said...

oooh, good celebrity fantasy battle! I bet Gwen's a scrappy fighter, but Betsey's been doing those cartwheels for years.
Usually I don't like advertising someone else's name, but the BJ is so cute!

Elisa said...

I am not a huge fan of Betsey Johnson, but this time I'd definitely pick her bag. The patent accents make it a more grown-up (but still playful!) tote.