Friday, October 17, 2008

Street Beat: Piksi's Instinct

Bill Blass once said “Style is a matter of instinct.” Heini, a student of medicine in Helsinki, is the living embodiment of that sentiment. Though it’s obvious that she takes great care to attend to the details; her wonderful retro coif, the glam makeup, and just right accessories are proof – the overall effect is, in actuality, effortless.

We have a sneaking suspicion that her inherent sense of style prevents her from leaving the house in sweats and UGG boots – her perfectly pulled-together look is such an inspiration that we’ve collectively stepped up our game.


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Hollywood Swing Dress

Stop Staring! Clothing

Essie_Boat House

Essie Nail Polish
Boat House




Emily said...

i love her wonderfully feminine look that has a great retro splash. white tights and red shoes is so alice in wonderland!

enc said...

She's very chic. I love her red shoes.

These red shoes with heart-ended laces are charming.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. She's such an inspiration!

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