Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Linea Pelle Leather Bags & Belts - Get Them Now.


I've been seeing Linea Pelle bags a lot lately, I'm not sure why that is but it sure does make me want one more than ever.

Lest I turn into a bag lady I can't justify spending full price on yet another designer bag to feed my growing collection so I've found them at Regents Secret for 50% off. These two are some of my faves but there are plenty more to choose from, including some really cool studded and wide corset style belts.

The only catch is, you gotta know someone to get that deal. And that's okay 'cause you know me. Click on this link to gain access to the goodies.


Emily said...

ooh love both of these...the white one in particular has just the right amount of hardware.

issa said...

oooh both bags are quite kute!

fashion herald said...

love the brown bag.

Kathi said...

I still haven't tried Regent's. I'm so hooked on hautelook.com! They have giveaways every month and a webzine that I read every morning. Has anyone else tried this one?

Always In Style said...

Kathi - I am all too familiar with the charms of Hautelook...I've actually got to know the UPS guy on a first name basis at this point!

Regent's is pretty good too and I like that the shopping is not as frenzied as it is on Hautelook.

Katie said...

The blue one is gorgeous, what a lovely royal shade to have for a bag!