Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whip It Good!

As women we are bombarded with beauty speak that involves getting our skin "glowing," "dewy," or "luminescent," to name a few.

Typically, these terms have little to do with my own tired old mug but I do have a friend that embodies all of these seemingly unattainable ideals so it gives me hope. The fact that she is a full time working grandmother is a whole other issue. The girl's skin really "glows." So much so that every time I see her our conversation inevitably turns towards the topic.

She insists that she is totally low-maintenance, her beauty regime consisting mainly of items purchased at the grocery store or pharmacy. Aside from the fish oil pills she takes daily her fave makeup brands are famously cheap. Wet & Wild, Physicians Formula and e.l.f. to name a few.

When I found this Shimmering Facial Whip had won Allure's 2008 Beauty Editor's Award I was intrigued. The fact that it costs only a buck has me making a beeline for the nearest Duane Reade, but it also makes me wonder if it's part of my pal's secret stash.

I'll have to fight the urge to turn her makeup bag inside to find out. Stay tuned.


Emily said...

i'm so trying this. i usually spend way too much on benefit's High Beam. this will certainly do the trick for far less!

Anonymous said...

this stuff is amazing. You can buy through ebates.com and earn cash back...I rack up a ton with all my beauty purchases!