Friday, October 3, 2008

What I Want To Look Like Right Now: Uber Hot & 5 lbs. Thinner

$39 dollars for a dress that is:

a) red
b) sexy
c) and makes you look thinner?


What strikes me most about this dress is not that it has shape enhancing seams built in to give you a sleeker silhouette but that it is so easily worn: for work you could throw a jacket over it and maybe a silk scarf, tights, and boots to cover up a bit more if you need. Come 5:00 p.m. swap out the extras for a pair of metallic open toe pumps and dangly earrings and you're ready to par-tay.

I love it. Find it at Newport News.


karla said...

newport news is so underrated. I love their shoes and this dress is fabulous. i have to find out if they have it in black!

Anonymous said...

I love Love LOVE Newport News. They run Terrific clearances and when you sign up for their emails you get extra sales too. Plus you can always find a promo code on google for free shipping and up to 20% off your order. They make fashion easy and affordable for this Mama. Blessings, Whitney

purkua.idil said...

great dress... classy and chic.. and red!
purkua! fashion.. passion.. love