Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Tightwad Pick Of The Day

Finding knee high boots that don't look like a band of drunk monkeys put them together for under $50 can be a challenge.

These Union Bay Claremont Boots jumped out at me as a smart buy for several reasons:

a) Plenty of slouch means loads of styling versatility.

b) The rich, yet neutral color offers myriad mix & match potential.

c) The heel is high enough to lengthen the silhouette without the threat of broken ankles or blistered toes.

and d) They look strikingly similar to a fave pair of Steve Maddens that I paid over 3x as much for.

Find them at Endless.


Emily said...

4. free overnight shipping on endless and 5. adorable little bow.

Always In Style said...

thanks emily -- you are too funny.

fashion herald said...

funny, i saw a pair just like these on the subway this morning and was loving the bow!

Sal said...

COVET those! What a great pick.

Anonymous said...

those boots are adorable!

enc said...

They're really a great inexpensive choice. I love the color.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this because it's so hard these days to get affordable boots!