Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Baaack...and a note about The Sak

Top o' the morning ladies, or should I say ciao amici?!

Just got back from paradise, I mean Sicily, and I am slowly plowing through the countless emails that have magically appeared in my box while I was away.


I will post more later but I just wanted to write up a quickie review about the bag I brought with me that was truly indispensable:


I think "The Sak" has been around forever but this was my first encounter with this brand, and probably not my last. The large Reyes Crochet Tote was the PERFECT bag for my vacation. I took it everywhere from the plane, to the beach, where it held a book, camera, change of clothes, various potions and lotions, etc to shopping and site seeing, and it was perfectly appropriate with every clothing change and situation. I can't rave enough.

It's on sale right now for the bargain price of $66.75 - and well worth every penny, I assure you. You can get it here.

Anyone else a "Sak" lover or have I just been living under a rock for the past however many years?!


i think thats hauttte said...

its good that you found a perfect purse! 66.75 seems cheap for a sak bag, I think I shall have to take a look at it :]

Cheryl Lynn said...

That bag is wonderful. It looks good and is functional as well.

I want to thank you for visiting my blog. Hope you'll come back soon. Your site is really awsome. I'll be sure to come back often.

getting-freaky said...

thanks for your comment!
i like the bag!

fashion herald said...

welcome back! Can't wait for pictures!
I'm not a big Sak lover, but this is a find for travel.