Monday, June 30, 2008

New York Street Beat: True Colors

You know it’s officially summer when city residents shed their murky colored wardrobes in favor of more vibrant options. Estelle, seen here in SoHo, won us over with her electro-Kool-Aid inspired ensemble – the vintage jacket from Disney World (believe it or not) perfectly accents those bright bangles and Carmen Ho flats. Her brilliant mix of old (she’s had those adorable shorts since the age of 14) and new (tank from Victoria’s Secret Sport) injected a bit of tropical chic into the urban landscape.

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Optical Print Jacket

J. Crew

Layering Tank

Victoria’s Secret

Francesca Button Flat



Sharon Rose said...

I adore vintage mixed with modern-a really stylish look!!

fashion herald said...

love that green flat, it's adorable!

CoutureCarrie said...

That J. Crew jacket rocks!