Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New York Street Beat: Trail Blazer

When Stefano Pilati sent sleekly tailored blazers down the runway for Yves Saint Laurent’s Spring 2008 collection, we could hear the sighs of relief coming from frill and floral overdosed fashionistas everywhere. Understated and with a tiny nod to prep school-chic, the collection was flattering, wearable, and guaranteed to be a classic.

We’ve noticed quite a few women adapting the trend but when we spotted freelance photographer Carin’s take, we were smitten. Notice the hip-grazing length, a refreshing change of pace from the popular cropped choices of seasons past.

Brilliant too are her combinations of “high” a tuxedo style jacket, with the “low” cut-off shorts, the pop of color with those adorable Etro-inspired sandals, and the delicate pendant necklaces for barely-there shimmer.

If the denim isn’t working for you, substitute cuffed khaki shorts and you’re ready for the catwalk.

Photo courtesy of Refinery29

So of course, after posting this I stumbled upon this great li'l blazer from eBay seller LeRobo. You may remember her from this post. Nope she's not paying me a commission...but I would settle for a store discount - are you listening girl, wink wink?


The opening bid is only $14.99 and there are no takers as of yet. Check out her auction here.


fashion herald said...

what a great look, the torn shorts and le smoking, Love IT! and her great sandals really pulls it all togethers.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

that first picture is so getting printed and taped to the interior of my closet stat! my boyfriend informed me that it's no longer cool for guys to wear blazers and jeans, but i think worn with denim cut-offs are beyond sexy for women!

Always In Style said...

Couldn't agree with you more Cupcakes!

It is amazing the number of girls I've suddenly spotted in the city working this trend when I feel like it should never have gone out of style to begin with!

shoppingsmycardio said...

wow, wow, wow - great picks, all. loooooooving that twenty8twelve blazer. and i love the styling ideas you've shown...they keep the blazer from going too far into 80s prep :) do you have suggestions for stretching them into fall while keeping the same spirit in the styling?

Always In Style said...

Thanks Shopping!

My suggestion for Fall is to pair one of these with slim fitting trousers in the same color - edgy and chic. Or, if you want to dive head first into preppy waters try them with jodpurs which will be big this Fall as well.

If you're interested, take a look at our YouTube channel - we've just uploaded a couple of short Fall 08 preview slide shows.

AsianCajuns said...

I love this look! This also reminds me of Erin Watson/Alexander Wang... I need to get me one of those blazers!

Anonymous said...

Love blazers with shorts, so hot! not the same as blazers with jeans

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Always In Style said...

Hi Kamel - What lovely photos you have! The French are so chic, a total style inspiration.

Although I wish I could say I was the pretty girl in the sunglasses I am not -- but you can contact her through eBay seller: Le_Robo.