Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Red Carpet Madness Continues

Please don’t hate me for this - it's all just harmless fun. In keeping with my senior citizen’s theme:


On their way to the early bird special at Shoney’s, Andre Leon Talley and Naomi Campbell opt for MC Hammer pants to better camouflage their matching Depends.


Donna Karan – The latest from her collection DKN WHY???


Eva Longoria – Not content to stick with her wholesome Malibu Barbie wardrobe, a saucy Eva dons an edgier Bratz-inspired frock. Hoochies everywhere hang their heads in shame but morticians worldwide applaud her bold use of pasty lipstick and garish eyeshadow.

Event: CFDA

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shoebox said...

Oh, I love Eva´s dress!

Thank´s for your comment!
The post was a question :)
I wanted to know what my readers thought was the best looking color on gladiator sandals, brown or black? :)
I love all the shoes in the collage to, I wish I had them in my wardrobe :)

MollyCake said...

ummm.... I want harem pants?! oh man. finally said it loud... feels good. I WANT HAREM PANTS! I just couldn't lie to myself anymore.

Always In Style said...

Okay, okay...harem pants are cool -- if you are young and attractive. On these two it just looks old.

Anonymous said...

Dreadful. All of them.

El Butonez said...

eva's shoes seriously look like Pat Field's new payless shoes, that are really cute gold shoes.
Ha, funny mollycake! and I completely agree w/AIS, a trend like this done full-on is for the young.
I heard Naomi was wearing vintage YSL, which would be so cool, because it just proves his timeless-ness.