Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pleased to meet ya!

Hello all.
While our style editor is away the graphic designer will blog! Lucky duck is living it up in Italy (I requested lots of photos) and I'm frizzing it out in the city. It's finally cooling down here but the "possible thunderstorms" and high humidity are killing me. Thank goodness for beauty products.

I was never a fan of getting my haircut. Too many bad encounters made me hesitant to spend more than $20 (and that only happened twice a year). It all changed when I worked near Arrojo Studios. It's not $20 but it's not like I'm sitting in Nick's chair. I still get a little thrill seeing him, my Mom and I were big What Not to Wear fans. Anyway, last time I was there my stylist put this Arrojo Defrizz Serum in my hair and I had to have it. I usually don't buy salon products but this stuff is amazing. Must try it.

Of course this weather calls for a multi-product concoction. Another great one to try is John Frieda's Clearly Defined Style Holding Gel. I've been disappointed before by some of those Frizz-Ease products, but this stuff is different. It isn't sticky, or crunchy or globby. Plus it has sunscreen in it. Perfect!

My favorite product has to be Matrix Biolage Oil Control Treatment. It's a great weapon for my grease-bangs. It also smells really fresh and clean so you can fool everyone into thinking you just washed your hair.

Now, let's not forget the oily face. Fashion magazines highlight bronze, glowing goddesses but let's be real, who feels like that? 5 minuets outside and you're looking for the nearest air conditioned store to cool off in. I know nothing can stop the shine monster but a girl can try. I love Neutrogena's Rapid Clear Oil-Control line. Also just tried Clean & Clear's Deep Action Refreshing Gel Cleanser. It's like really minty mouth wash for your face. I got a bit too much sun last weekend and it felt great.

The bonus to all these products? All less than $15. Can't beat that. Got any other suggestions for the battle on Frizz/Oil?

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Frizz-Ease products rock my world!