Monday, June 30, 2008

Going Coconuts

Let me start by saying I hate my hair. It’s fine, dry, wavy, and frizzes out at the slightest hint of humidity. Finding a shampoo that adds volume, gloss, and tones down the Brillo factor is always a challenge, so when I find something that addresses these issues I am happy to spread the word. This weekend I visited mom in Princeton and popped into Blue Mercury on Palmer Square in search of some tress relief. Their inventory is awe inspiring but I ended up walking out with only one item, the Bumble & Bumble Crème de Coco shampoo and I am completely smitten.

For starters, the scent is heavenly – a full on coconut fragrance that is not overly-cloying or artificial – it just smells like you spent the day at the beach, plain and simple. Just a small amount lathers nicely. I didn’t follow up with a conditioner because I wanted to see the full results from the shampoo alone. I let my hair air dry as I am wont to do in the summer and voilà – my hair was shiny, silky, and completely frizz-free. I was also happy to see that it didn’t weigh my hair down; it had just the perfect amount of pouf and bounce. I’m addicted. I’ll have to try the Crème de Coco Masque as I’ve heard rave reviews from the blogosphere, most notably, Beauty Addict who calls it her "Holy Grail" hair product.

Find it here.

Next, I investigated the beauty aisle at the local Rite Aid and came across something called Milky Shower Gel in Coconut & Lime. It’s by a Netherlands-based company called Greenland whose products, according to its website, are based on 100% natural raw ingredients.

I should note that it was really well hidden on a low shelf – not sure how anyone would find this thing but I’m glad I persisted because it is so fantastic! Since I had never heard of the brand before I bought it based solely on scent and texture, and both are awesome, btw. I didn’t detect much of the lime but the coconut is very sweet and delicate. The texture is soft with tiny granules that exfoliate without scratching, and my skin was left feeling very smooth and mildly scented. I had a tough time finding it online, but it’s worth the effort if you love coconut-scented products.

Search for it at your local Rite Aid, (only $7.99 at the one I went to) or get it online here.


shoppingsmycardio said...

ooh, that shower gel sounds amazing...must try it!

and don't you just love bluemercury? i have beauty products coming out my eye sockets, and yet i can't ever go in that store without coveting at least 20 things.

Fabulously Broke said...

That smell of the shampoo must be heavenly. I LOVE coconuts

Am linking to this review in my next round of link love

You've inspired me to try it out!

Always In Style said...

Thanks so much FB - you will love it - I am so hooked!