Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jane Krakowski - Is She For Real?

One of my guilty pleasures is devouring the Page Six Magazine in the Sunday New York Post every weekend without fail. Even the New York Times Style Section has lost it's proverbial luster since the glossy found it's way into my weekend routine.

This weekend featured 30 Rock starlet Jane Krakowski in fabulous 40s-inspired waves and uber glam red lips. I've never seen the show, quite frankly, I didn't realize Jane was still in the biz, the last time I saw her she was one of Ally McBeal's slutty but funny office mates always quick with a one liner, a welcome respite from Ally's space cadet delusions.

What really struck me about the cover was her skin. It's FLAWLESS. I'm convinced she's joined Kristen Davis in the freaky we've sold our soul to the devil and have stopped aging cult. Either that or she dunks herself in a vat of La Mer every night before bed time.

Take a look at her then & now:

What do you think? If anyone knows what beauty products she uses please do tell.


Fashion Ivy said...

Wow she still looks so amazing

CoutureCarrie said...

Hmmmm ... now that she's making the big bucks on 30 Rock (and is within throwing distance of the world's top plastic surgeons and dermatologists), I imagine her beauty routine has been stepped up. Of course this is pure conjecture, but I'm willing to wager that she uses Botox and other fillers, plus the La Mer you mentioned, frequent facials, etc. Ah, to be rich & famous . . .

Fasshonaburu said...

I like to tell myself it's all photoshop! I don't think my ego could take it if it wasn't :O