Wednesday, June 25, 2008

eBay Seller of the Week: Thriftwares Vintage

Those nearest and dearest to me will attest that I am a bonafide eBay junkie. I've been buying and selling on the site since it first appeared, back in 1995 or so. As a seller, I appreciate how difficult it is to find the best stuff to sell so I really *heart* those who GET IT. I stumbled upon seller Thriftwares a short while ago but was just so blown away by this week's inventory that I had to share the love.


This maxi dress is beyond-the-moon fabulous. The jewel tone colors, with just the perfect amount of flowy-ness set my heart aflutter. The buttons up the side just threw me over the edge. What I wouldn't give to be an XS!


Trendy or not I am in love with all things ikat. This skirt is so perfect I would wear it to death this summer and well beyond with boots and a cardi in the Fall.


This psychedelic 70s tunic has the right blend of girlishness and hippie cool: just a hint of patchouli and incense without all that icky Grateful Deadhead aftertaste.


And this li'l white crochet mesh top conjurs images of my deliciously sweet yet regretfully short-lived stay in paradise.

Check out the wares here.


Fashion Addict said...

wow, those are really great pieces and you look lovely! I love the skirt in the second photo.

fashion herald said...

what a great group, you've got to get that skirt. And I love her glasses in the last picture!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

ooh that locket is heaven!!!

Sharon Rose said...

Great picks- I love the Ikat skirt and 1st dress!!

AlicePleasance said...

It's one of my favorite seller :-)

daniella said...

love this store! it's my second fave after lullie vintage!