Friday, May 30, 2008

Target's Go International: Rogan


After a post office boondoggle that required 3 trips, two frantic phone calls, and a lost Metrocard (please don’t ask) I was finally introduced to my latest Target acquisitions, namely two items from Rogan’s much hyped Go International Line.

And by golly was it worth the wait. Despite the grumblings from fellow bloghers whose critiques of the collection…how shall I put this delicately…range from ‘meh’ to ‘merde’ I was pleasantly surprised with my booty.

First, the striped waistcoat that has a total Kate Moss vibe that I so love. I’ll pair it with my Superfine skinny jeans and Thomas Wylde Egyptian tank for starters, but it does offer myriad wardrobe extending options. I was unable to find a pic of it in their store so I assume it has sold out. It’s been featured in every fashion rag in existence so I'm sure you’ve probably seen it.

I also took the plunge into romper territory with the “Black Sheep” jumper (how very metal – love it!), which I have to say looks miles better in person than it does online. There are subtle stripes in the fabric, cute buttons, and it’s got a flattering neckline. The only word of caution here is with the sizing – way off. Definitely go up a size if you’re unsure or risk a camel toe of epic proportions. Seriously, I nearly had to cut myself out of it -- it’s so wonky. Though I could stand to lose a few lbs before I attempt wearing this in public, I’m elated that I don’t look like a shop class flunkie.

Get yourself to a local Target or see the collection online here.

To those who’ve already checked it out do let me know what you think – I’m dying to know!

On a side note, how does the most stylish mass marketer in the biz manage to have the dowdiest website ever? I’m sending our very own Doris Pooser for a much needed makeover.

Have a wonderful weekend my lovelies.


fashion herald said...

I got the waistcoat, too, and I love it but should have gone up a size. And now it's no more online, rats! the quality is really impressive.

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

it's so sad that i didn't purchase anything from rogan's line simply because of all the disappointed opinions i heard. now that you've put a kate moss spin on it, i'm very envious missed out!

kitty kate said...

i have got to check it out. hopefully there is still good stuff.
like ur blog want to trade links?

What would you like my name to be? said...

I must check it out, too!

vogued out!!! said...

It may be a little late for me, knowing the targets around here, everything is probably gone. thanks for posting.

Fashion Is Poison said...

i got the romper but have yet to wear it

Fashion Tidbits said...

we. need. pictures of your haul!!! :P

Anonymous said...

Shame on me to miss such great things! And THANK you for sharing them ))) said...

i saw it over the weekend the Rogan collection. its deff lovely. there's a diaphanous print dress in the palest colors that i adored! but i didn't see the jumper. would like to try that out!