Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trends Report: She's Got Legs

Believe it or not, summer can be a little stressful for some. For me, it means being knee-deep in wedding season without the cute knees to show off. Really, my legs look like something from a B-grade horror flick. If your gams are similarly starved for TLC, read on for some tips on how to get them party perfect.

You’re So Vein. If you’re on your feet a lot then chances are spider or varicose veins are a concern. Veins become visible due to faulty valves that control blood flow – exercising daily helps increase circulation, which minimizes this malfunction, as does taking Vitamin C. Horse chestnut pills have been known to reduce inflammation, but check with your health care provider to be sure they’re right for you.

Hairy Scary. Shaving is the quickest way to de-fuzz but it can also be the most painful when not done correctly. Ideally, you should try to limit the shower-time, as exposure to warm water for long periods will cause skin to get “pruney” and create an uneven surface. To avoid ingrown hairs, try shaving more frequently but not as closely. Use a sharp blade as a dull one will grab skin, not hair. Use a body lotion soon after to seal in moisture.

Beyond The Pale. There are so many ways to get tan without the sun. Lotions and sprays are always nice options but exfoliate, moisturize, and blend well to ensure a consistent, all-over color. Even products that claim to be “streak-free” can result in a zebra look. If you do get some unwanted stripes, try pre-moistened make up remover wipes to erase noticeable lines. Alternatively, you could use shimmery bronzing powders that add nice color without the risk of streaking. The added bonus of a faux-glow? Bronzers can be used to easily “sculpt” legs to make them appear leaner.

One final word of advice: use insect repellent! I’m still regretting the easily-prevented marks on my legs left behind by critters of yesteryear.


karla said...

for pale legs ( uh me)- dove energy glow works quite well. no orange legs and no streakiness.

fashion herald said...

I'm a big Clarins self-tanner fan. And thanks for leg shaving tips - i'm back to shaving as waxing is just too expensive & difficult to keep up on!