Monday, May 5, 2008

Trends Report: Romper Room

Rompers, playsuits, onesies, shortsuits…surprisingly we’re not talking about the latest in toddler fashions. When Stella McCartney first started showing this look on the catwalk last year we were a bit skeptical the trend would stick around for long – but it only seems to have picked up momentum. The romper is hot this season.

Admittedly, it can be a hard trend to pull off, but allow us to provide some guidance.

Cut. Many of the new styles offer drawstring or sash belts, which are especially flattering if you are Curved or Straight-Soft. Alternatively, a drop waist or loosely-fitted tunic style will easily suit Straight and Soft-Straight bodylines. Sleeve choices run the gamut from strapless to spaghetti to long, so choose according to your comfort level.

Details. The romper offers plenty of accessorizing options, so once you’ve found the silhouette that flatters your bodyline, doll up to match the occasion. A thin metallic belt, an armful of sparkly bracelets, even pumps can take a casual one-piece into evening. Don’t believe us? Check out Nicole Richie looking fabulous in this Alexander McQueen number.

Sure it’s cute, but is it appropriate? Generally speaking, this look is probably best suited for a younger gal, but why not consider a trial run poolside as a bathing suit cover-up with a twist? Or while puttering around the house doing chores or catching up on Netflix? The bottom line is if you feel great and dress for your shape, you will look great!

Tie-waist Playsuit

justsweet Strapless Cropped Jumpsuit

Mike & Chris Short Suit

Sparkle and Fade Brushed Onesie
Urban Outfitters

Nightcap Ruffle Romper

Ever Baker Romper

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evie said...

i was quite unsure about the romper too but it's definitely growing on me. although i do wonder if i would wear them - because it's a bit of an inconvenience when you need to go to the ladies...