Monday, November 17, 2008

Trends Report: I See London, I See France: Spring 2009 Sneak Preview


One of the overall themes that emerged from the Spring 2009 Runway is that skin is in. For better or worse, über short lengths and skin-exposing cutouts made street wear look more like swimwear. Uncomfortably confronted with TMI we got to work interpreting the trend PDQ to make it more wearable:

· Wear leggings or tights, even with shorts (a trend from the street)

· Look for long blazers that cover your bum, but opt for slim-fitting cuts to keep it sleek

· An oversized vest is a good way to cover up and add layers of personal style; think asymmetrical hems, collars, or embellishments that say “you”

· Still not convinced? Ditch it – not all trends are workable; choose what’s right for you.

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Generra Sweater

Wool Belted Sweater Vest

Anthropologie Cardigan

Dorothy Lee
Trail Blaze Cardigan


Ruched Leggings

Victoria’s Secret

Ruched Organic Cotton Leggings

Victoria’s Secret

UPDATE: Thanks to Wendy B: This amazingly similar to the runway piece found on eBay


Thanks for the tip Wendy :)


WendyB said...

speak of the devil...saw this a moment ago on ebay

fashion herald said...

amazing similarity! isn't that abaete on the right? don't know if i could pull it off, but i loved that look!

Sal said...

Sigh. It was so nice to hear that ladylike modesty was "the thing" for that tiny window of time. You're awesome for reminding us all that we don't have to work cutouts and micro-minis if we don't want to. I sure don't!

Always In Style said...

Yep - I believe it is Abaete FH.

John G. said...

Oh no! What will street walkers do to get any attention...put on suits???

I'm all for a short hemline if you've got great legs and even a cut out at the hip or shoulder...some of these looks are a bit...questionable. Just my humble gay opinion. I imagine straight dudes should LOVE IT! LOL.

WendyB said...

LOL @ John G.

enc said...

I love John G.'s restraint!

That's a hot dress.

John G. said...

I'm very shy and soft spoken, enc. Can't you tell??? LOL!

John G. said...

I'm extremely shy and soft spoken enc. Can't you tell??? LOL!