Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sign Of The Times, From The Post

Here's an assignment for you: kindly read this short blurb from Page Six and sound off.

I'm not sure what ticks me off the most:

1) the crummy economy
2) women who make their husbands do the "dirty" work
3) that the NY Post sees fit to set us back a hundred years with snarky anti-grrl rants.



Moe said...

OMG, "since he paid for the unnecessary items in the first place". Hello, I make my own money and spend my own money (I may also spend some of his) but I'd never be embarrassed to return something if it needed returning. If my DH is returning something, it's probably because he is in the area. Just like if he needs something returned and I'm in the area. What a condescending post from the Post. Personally, I'd fire the retail staffer that made such a comment.

John G. said...

The wives are there, they're just below eye level for the clerks behind the counter. You know, since they're being dragged on the floor by their hair Captain Cave-style and all.

Silly blurb.

Meg said...

I second... or third that.


The economy sucks, and it's natural to be envious of those who's worst problem *seems* to be that they have to return luxury goods. However, that's not an excuse to be so downright mean-spirited to people. And such a misogynist attitude is certainly not called for!

fashion herald said...

This kind of crap is, unfortunately, not surprising coming from The Post. But really, that's just beyond insulting.