Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trends Report: Easy As A, B, C, or DD

If you’re like most women, you are in the wrong size bra. Over 80% of us wear ill-fitting bras – that means backaches and a distorted shape that gives you lumps and bumps in all the wrong places. The right size bra is like an instant body lift so don’t be shy – seek out the help of an experienced sales person and get measured.

Position. Your breasts should be positioned halfway between your shoulders and your elbows – to achieve this; your bra must be level, front to back. Re-think your band size – try a smaller band and larger cups. If you wear your band high in the back, it throws off your proportions and adds stress to your shoulders. Wearing your strap lower will also eliminate the dreaded appearance of back fat, something that women of all sizes experience. To diminish jiggle, your band should rest against the breastbone without any tension.

Straps. Contrary to popular belief, a bra’s major support comes from the band, not the straps. If yours tend to fall then chances are your band is riding up and is too large for your frame. Go down one size. To avoid painful digging, opt for wider straps or look for “Shoulder Savers” which are removable and provide cushioning.

Cups. If you are small busted, a demi-cup bra pads the sides and gives a flattering lift and enhanced neckline. Larger busted women need underwire or back straps for better shape – consider a racer back style for added support. Avoid lacy or embellished styles that add bulk and opt for seamless varieties for a smooth sleek appearance.

Maidenform Bra


The Smooth Bra


Wacoal T-Back Bra

T-Back Underwire Bra


Shoulder Saver

Freedom Form

Shoulder Savers



John G. said...

Don't ask me why I actually read this entry as if it pertained to me or would do me any good.

Who loves your blog???

PS. I KID YOU NOT: the word verification for me to post this is...JUGGl

Belowen said...

Getting properly fitted for a bra was one of the best style decisions I ever made! It's done wonders for my comfort!