Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Trends Report: Frugal Fashionista

A sluggish economy calls for a little belt-tightening, but just because the belt isn’t Gucci doesn’t mean it should be any less glamorous. Not long ago, you wouldn’t dare utter the words “frugal” and “style” in the same sentence – fortunately, that isn’t the case any longer. The positive side of an economic slow-down is that it forces us to be more creative with our resources…it also means there are plenty of deals to be found.

Wallet-Friendly Shopping Tips:

  • Heading out to the mall? Ditch the plastic and bring an envelope of cash with a small amount and stick to it. When you’re outta money, get outta there.
  • Multi-Task. Look for pieces that can be dressed up or down and easily layered or accessorized. A classic sheath is a prime example, and there are plentiful options under $50.
  • Inexpensive accessories breathe new life into your wardrobe: a patent bag, for example, is dressy enough for a special occasion, yet adds a funky twist to your everyday denim.
  • Want to look like movie star without a starlet’s budget? Draw inspiration from the web: there are tons of personal style blogs that interpret red carpet and runway looks into real life reality – including our own.

Chadwicks_Sheath Dress


Ponte Knit Sheath



Anya Hindmarch for Target

Python Clutch


Nine West Usagi

Peep Toe Pump


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-great tips my dear, particularly to using cash!!

Sal said...

These are seriously some of the best tips I've seen for staying stylish during tough times. Well done, lady!

Danz said...

Great tips! I'm all about stylish and budget-friendly shopping - the Chadwick's dress is really lovely!

Songy said...

Great tips. I'll follow those religiously.

Urban Takeout said...

I agree great tips. I too preach of the ways that one can look very fashionable without going unfashionably broke.
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Shaniya said...

Thanks for the brilliant tips..! Well, that Chadwicks dress is absolutely fabulous.