Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Real Housewives of NYC?

Watched the finale last night of The Real Housewives of New York and it was ridiculous. So much happened I couldn't cover it all so lets just admire their final dinner.

Jill (who's a little more Lawng Island than Manhattan IMHO) wore the dress she picked out earlier in the season. Looked a little tight up top but the black bottom was sliming.

Alex looked like she found a first ladies' suit that was five sizes too big. Seriously, what was that?

The countess. I like her, she can wear most clothes, but that dress didn't seem appropriate. Did she get that at Rave 10 years ago? Perhaps.

Oh Ramona. She tries very hard. All I can say is Barbie mermaid.

And then there's Bethenny. She sometimes struggles in her personal life (according to her) but almost always has clothes that fit well and are appropriate. She looked great and I'm not a huge lace fan but kind of want that black dress. Unfortunately, I think it's sold out online but get a closer look at it and some of their other outfits here.

Now just look out for The Real Housewives of Orange County, season 4 is coming soon!

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Anonymous said...

Here's my take:

Jill - She has massive boobs, why would she buy a dress totally encrusted with beads and assorted doo-dads to make them look even larger? She looks totally out of proportion.

Hey Ramona - Barbie called, she wants her dress back. Her jewelry was a joke as well. Huge multi-colored stones and heavy silver, it was all a bit much. The curly half-up 'do was just the perfect finishing touch to a totally inappropriate look.

Alex - This normally clad in Cavalli girl looked like a bag lady. Totally frumptastic.

The Countess - I actually kinda liked this one. It wasn't too horrible and as an older woman she rocked a younger look without looking inappropriate (see Ramona.)

Last but not least, Bethenny. Agreed - she gets best dressed for the night but it still doesn't make me like her any more!