Thursday, April 24, 2008

New York Street Beat: Neck & Neck

Fashionable party dresses are always a wardrobe must-have, whether you live in Park Slope, Brooklyn or Park City, Utah – but in New York, where dressing falls somewhere between an art form and an extreme sport, the right dress can make or break your whole image (not to mention social standing).

A recent invite had us playing it safe in a classic silk sheath and peep-toe pumps. Certainly not bad, but definitely a blah choice in a sea of fashion-forward stylistas. A quick scan of the room had us wondering if the invite specified bare shoulders. These party-goers flaunted toned arms with a variety of fabulous necklines that had us rethinking our safe choice, and Googling personal trainers on our BlackBerry.

neck nysb1.jpg
Michael Kors Van Gogh Floral-Print Dress
Bergdorf Goodman

neck nysb2.jpg
Juicy Couture One-Shoulder Dress
Nieman Marcus

neck nysb3.jpg
Striped Bodycon Dress


Fabulously Broke said...

The pics don't work!!

But and neither do the links? :(

Always In Style said...

Hey fabulous - thanks for letting us know - should be fixed now, take a look!