Monday, April 14, 2008

Fashion & Movies

Just read this short article "Fashion in Film" by David DeStefano on He lists 7 films that have influenced fashion. He has some good ones but I think he's missing some biggies.

There wasn't one mention of any Audrey Hepburn movies (Sabrina, Funny Face, Breakfast at Tiffany's). I know it seems cliche but the fashion helped make those movies so great. To this day people try to mimic her effortless chic style.

There was also a lack of 80's movies (American Gigolo aside). I know people are still embarrassed by some of the ensembles but they should be noted. Something from John Hughes/Molly Ringwald? Or what about St. Elmo's Fire? True, Rob Lowe's hair and earring look ridiculous now but he was the epitome of cool.

And I know this may be too recent but Clueless was a pretty big deal. Matching and planning outfits became important again. Plaid skirts, headbands and knee socks weren't just for private schools anymore. Oh yeah, and cell phones as accessories.

The list could go on forever. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Katherine Hepburn's trousers, Joan Crawford's strappy peep toe pumps, or Elizabeth Taylors slinky slip :-)

Fasshonaburu said...

I can't believe there was no Breakfast at Tiffany's or Funny Face or Roman Holiday or Gigi! I think they also should have included Saturday Night Fever, Hair, Blade Runner (Alexander McQueen notes that movie as an influence!), Working Girl, Reality Bites, omg I can't stop!